What’s live selling, and why is it so popular?

When you hear about live streaming, what usually comes to mind are gamers speedrunning tasks or celebrities doing live Q&A. But what about live selling? The rise of E-commerce has not only seen a shift in consumer behavior, but also in selling tactics and approaches. One of them is live E-commerce, where cash on delivery in the Philippines really comes handy.

Live E-commerce, better known as ‘live selling’ in the Philippines, is another way of selling your products as if you were a sales promotion agent in the mall or a store. Done in various social media platforms, merchants can sell a variety of items like clothes, toys, books, and houseware from a span of an hour to about five to six hours straight via a live video stream.

According to Techcrunch, livestream E-commerce started in China in the last few years. In 2019, 265 million Chinese online shoppers made purchases on livestream. This number almost doubled in 2020, with an estimate of 560 million people.

Live selling in the Philippines has also seen a quick spike in terms of patrons. According to livestream shopping company Shoppertainment Live, Inc., they have seen a 200% growth year on year with a conversion rate of 2% to 10% every hour.

But why have Filipinos taken a strong liking to live selling both as consumers and as merchants? Find out here!

Everyone’s online

Because of the pandemic, almost everyone has migrated to the digital space for their needs be it personal, work, or even home-related. Since both consumers and merchants have zero or limited access to physical stores, they also turn to the virtual marketplace, including live selling.

In-person-like shopping experience

The absence of physical stores has led to a bustling digital marketplace. With live selling in the Philippines, consumers have an opportunity to examine the products being sold similar to how they would do it in stores, only this time it’s through their phone or desktop screens. They can also ask the merchants questions about the quality, price, delivery mode, and even cash on delivery as a payment option, and they would get real-time answers.

Better promos and discounts

While E-commerce sites offer great deals and promos, merchants can sell their products at more affordable rates to entice customers to buy from their store during live selling sessions. From having bundles or even big discounts, Filipinos surely benefit from this experience.

Thrill of the game

Live selling can also be competitive among customers, especially when hot items are being sold. Such is the case for toys and other products that have limited quantities or limited time offers. By simply keying in ‘mine’ plus whatever code the merchant says, an item is already yours upon acknowledgement. This makes it all the more rewarding, especially when several customers are eyeing the same item. Some merchants also do live bidding, especially for rare finds.

What’s great about live selling in the Philippines is that almost anyone can do it. Whether you are a small-time business who’s operating at home or a large-scale enterprise, as long as you have products to sell, you will surely make a sale once you find your market.

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