QUIZ: What type of online seller are you?

If you are a merchant, chances are, you’ve already met different kinds of customers. There are wanderers, discount-seekers, impulse buyers, and so on! But have you ever wondered what type of online seller you are?

Discovering your strengths and weaknesses is important for you to succeed in the Philippine E-commerce industry. So to help you be aware of them, we’ve whipped up this simple and easy quiz to determine which type of online seller you are! Make sure you keep track of your answers until the end of the quiz.

Which word best describes you as an online seller?

A. Problem-solver

B. People-person

C. Risk-taker

D. Outgoing

Do you enjoy persuading people to try new products or services?

A. Totally! Sharing my expertise with them is my forte!

B. Not at all. 

C. Yes! And even if they are not interested in it, overcoming objections is my strongest suit.

D. If the product or service is relevant to them, I’ll give it a try.

How do you connect with a customer on a personal level?

A. Education

B. Empathy

C. Fulfilling their needs

D. Humor

Do you like being on a team or are you more of a loner?

A. I like working on my own.

B. I enjoy both. 

C. Someone has to take home the trophy!

D. There’s no ‘I’ in team, right?

How do you determine a customer’s needs?

A. I have a list of questions I use to discover more about the customer.

B. I ask the customer right away.

C. I can be pretty intuitive. I can determine my customer’s pain point from the get-go and suggest a solution quickly.

D. I’m pretty good at asking the right questions most of the time.

How do you manage an objection?

A. I enlighten them.

B. I redirect the conversation. I’m good at that.

C. I often disregard it.

D. I thank them for allowing me to know their concerns.

What is the most important part of making a sale for you?

A. Making sure that I provide customers with all the things they have to know about the product.

B. Ensuring that my customer gets exactly what they need at the right time.

C. When they check out their carts and proceed to payment. That’s it!

D. Getting to know the customer and building rapport with them.

What do you think is the most essential skill that an online seller must have?

A. He/she must be equipped with the right knowledge about the product.

B. He/she must be a good listener.

C. He/she must be persuasive at all times.

D. He/she must exhibit a good attitude toward customers.


Mostly A’s: The Troubleshooter

Known as the analytical type, Troubleshooters are best at solving customers’ problems. Plus, they make sure that matters are attended to right away!

Strengths: They are highly technical people who find comfort in talking to a prospective customer with similar technical knowledge. As a troubleshooter, this allows them to display their technical abilities and repair or fix the customer’s concern. 

Weaknesses: They tend to give too much detail that is often irrelevant to the customer. It can be off-putting to those who just want to buy the product for a certain need and don’t particularly care about more of its specifications.

Mostly B’s: The Shopkeeper

They are the amiable type — a warm, friendly, and service-oriented kind of online seller.

Strengths: Helping people is their strongest suit. They are pleasant and find delight in helping people get the product that best suits their needs.

Weaknesses: Shopkeepers are not so keen on uncovering the customer’s needs. If the customers know what they want, the shopkeeper would gladly find it for them. And since they are friendly among customers, they don’t want to be perceived as aggressive. So instead of closing a sale, they may opt to let customers decide on their own.

Mostly C’s: The Chaser

The driven and risk-taker type, Chasers are self-assured, assertive, and highly focused. When online sales are not going up, they are the ones forging new territories and seeking out new prospects. 

Strengths: Every move they take is calculated, proven, and direct. They are very competitive online sellers, always keeping their eyes on the horizon.

Weaknesses: Chasers are too goal-oriented that they miss out on opportunities right in front of them. They tend to overlook small opportunities as they go after the bigger ones.

Mostly D’s: The Campaigner

Masters of smooth-talking and soft-selling, campaigners are the so-called brand evangelists. They are not afraid to ask a prospect about their needs. They are outgoing and enthusiastic all the time. 

Strengths: They are the nurturing type of online sellers as they value customer relationships. Campaigners are also intuitive and always put importance on social interaction.

Weaknesses: Given their outgoing nature, campaigners can sometimes border on being too aggressive. They sometimes miss non-verbal cues or signs of disinterest from customers because they’re focused on sharing the information they want to share.

Have you figured out which type of online seller you are? The personality types mentioned above aren’t always definitive, and you might pull certain qualities from more than one of these types. What’s important is that you now have a clearer picture of your online selling style which you can leverage to stand out as an E-commerce merchant.

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