Ten trending products to sell in E-commerce this 2022

Online marketplaces offer a plethora of products and services. And being in the know of trending products in E-commerce is a vital aspect of being a merchant. For one, it can give you an edge over your competitors. It’s also an excellent way to attract new customers to your store.

However, the emerging and ever-changing trends can be quite overwhelming. So to help you out, we’ve listed the trending products in E-commerce that you should consider selling.

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

In the past two years, beauty and makeup content has been on the rise. And thanks to influencers, beauty products are among the top selling products here in the country. Foundation shades perfect for morena skin as well as new lippies and eye shadow palettes, brow gels, and stamp eyeliners are among the top products under this category. 

Personal Care Products

When it comes to trending products in E-commerce, skincare and personal care products are always a top of mind choice. It is a robust category that offers high chances of repeat purchases. Online marketplace platforms like Shopee and Lazada can attest to the high demand for skincare products each day. 

If you want to keep enticing customers to your store, this is the way to go. After all, Filipinos are always on the lookout for affordable and effective sheet masks, toners, or moisturizers to pamper themselves with.

Pet Supplies

Another product category on our list is pet supplies and accessories. A lot of Filipino pet owners are willing to splurge to keep their pets happy and healthy. In fact, the pet care market is expected to increase by 6% annually. Products such as treats, brushes, clothes, leashes, and collars are trending in online marketplaces these days.

Clothing and Fashion Items

Filipinos are big on style, which is why men’s and women’s clothing and fashion items are very marketable products. Crop tops, blazers, jogger pants, and even high-waist pants are some of the items that have gained popularity in recent years. The growth of social media fashion trends has also contributed to the demand for these items, so it’s definitely a good option for an online store.


Gone are the days when sportswear was only worn by athletes. Now, it seems like almost everyone is into athleisure — accessible sportswear that balances comfort and style. Items like sports bras, Dri-FIT shirts, gym clothes, leggings, and even socks are among the trending products in E-commerce. If you are still unsure about what to sell, you can focus on these products first. You can then venture later into workout equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and weighted jump ropes.

Kitchenware and Homeware

During the pandemic, Filipinos have gotten into doing DIY home projects to upgrade their spaces. Home buddies used some of their extra time to decorate and organize their living space to accommodate changes to their lifestyles. And thanks to online marketplace merchants that sell kitchen and homeware products like glass jars, cookware sets, and pantry organization bins, Filipinos can now easily achieve aesthetic living spaces. 


Household appliances are still one of the trending products in E-commerce in the Philippines. Search trends on home appliances have been steady over the past two years and if you’re looking for a sign to sell these products, this could be it! Air fryers, home espresso machines, air purifiers, and food processors are just some of the trendiest home appliances that make Filipinos’ lives more convenient and enjoyable.

Video Games and Gaming Accessories

Who doesn’t love games? Filipinos are huge gamers so products that tickle their geeky side like video games and gaming accessories such as consoles and chairs are a big, big, big yes for them!

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are the most widely used gadget in the Philippines. And as a result, phone straps, power banks, wireless chargers, and phone cases have become trending in the E-commerce world. This category is quite profitable in online marketplaces, that’s why a lot of merchants venture into this category.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Materials

If there is one thing that the pandemic taught consumers, it’s that cleaning and disinfecting products are a good investment. Gallons of alcohol and disinfectants have been sold in the last two years. UV lamps and air purifiers have become household items. And if you want to make your business a force for good, products such as these are nice to sell. This is a great market to tap as more and more Filipinos are putting a premium on their well-being. 

E-commerce is an industry where you learn best by really immersing yourself in it. And part of learning is knowing and keeping up with product trends that will help you grow and scale your business. 

But having the knowledge on trending E-commerce products is not enough to do well. It is also equally important to partner with E-commerce enablers to keep your business running smoothly and deliver exceptional service to your customers. 

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