Top 5 E-commerce Sites in the Philippines (November 2021)

Online shopping has become a big part of the everyday lives of Filipinos, especially in today’s times. This is no surprise considering that you can now find almost anything online — from appliances and gadgets to clothes and makeup. 

If you’re looking for the top E-commerce platforms in the Philippines, then look no further! We’ve listed down five of the biggest online shopping sites, as well as what you can expect to find in each one.


Lazada was founded in 2012, and has become one of the leading E-commerce platforms in Asia. The company launched their virtual mall called LazMall in 2018, followed by their online grocery LazMart a year later.

Because Lazada has branched out to accommodate different types of online sellers, customers can expect to find a wide array of products on their site. Whether it’s baby products, home furniture, or even automotive parts, it’s probably on Lazada.

Shopping tip: If you reach a certain amount of purchases, you may be able to opt for installment payment plans for your Lazada order.


Want to go to a website that’s more focused on your beauty, wellness, and lifestyle needs? Try BeautyMNL. This homegrown platform has roughly 45,000 products ranging from makeup to skincare, and the site guarantees that all of them are authentic.

Shopping tip: If you’re looking for makeup and skincare sets, or “buy one, get one” steals, you might just find them in BeautyMNL.


Shopee, which was launched in the country in 2015, is another popular E-commerce site in the Philippines. Its offerings are quite similar to Lazada, but Shopee puts more emphasis on the affordability of their products.

Shopping tip: Paying through ShopeePay can give you additional discounts or promos that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to redeem. 


Zalora is a shopping platform that showcases both local and international brands. They offer different styles for clothing, shoes, bags, watches, and all things fashion. 

Fun fact: Zalora launched their online store in the Philippines the same year that Lazada did!

Shopping tip: Watch out for their big monthly sales and daily surprise flash deals to score better deals!


Kimstore was established to make it easier for Filipinos to enjoy the latest in mobile technology. They offer a wide selection of gadgets for all your tech needs, including mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and various accessories.

Shopping tip: Kimstore has a section devoted to available bundles. Check it out if you’re thinking of buying more than one gadget.

These are just five of the many E-commerce platforms that are popular in the Philippines. We’ve given you tips on how to get great deals from each site, but what if instead of being a customer, you want to be an online seller on these platforms? That’s something Payo can help you with!

Penetrating the Philippine Marketplace

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