6 tips for social media selling in the Philippines

E-commerce in the Philippines continues to grow as many consumers and businesses discover the convenience it offers. With just a few simple taps and clicks, a merchant can set up their shop and start selling, while consumers can make purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

One form of E-commerce that has gained popularity among Filipinos is social selling or selling on social media. Simply put, this refers to the selling of goods through social media platforms. These include sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, which has been growing in this capacity as well.

For sellers and merchants who are new to social media selling or are looking for ways to elevate their game, here are six tips that will help secure sales on these platforms.

Visuals and descriptions matter

Social media selling means merchants need to place themselves in the shoes of their customers. From having the best product photos that highlight quality, to snappy captions and succinct product descriptions, these details matter to consumers. This is especially true considering they will only be able to view offerings through their desktops or phones.

Create bundles and promos

Similar to brick and mortar stores, bundles and promos are a great way to get customers shopping via E-commerce in the Philippines. Merchants can also be creative in their social media selling by making special offers. Additionally, it helps if these promos are exclusive to a specific platform, such as Instagram or Facebook. This also comes in handy when there are holidays and occasions that help customers buy more for less, with merchants getting more sales. 

Prompt responses to inquiries and feedback

Part of using social media for online selling is being prompt when responding to customer inquiries, feedback, and concerns. While consumers have a growing preference for E-commerce in the Philippines, they also want to be in touch with someone who can answer their questions before they make a purchase. Merchants must constantly check their inbox and the comments section of their posts and be ready to respond or provide further assistance.

Share positive customer feedback

Unlike online marketplaces or a website, reviews from social media selling can be scattered throughout the platform. They are sent through messages, on shared posts, or in the comments. Merchants must keep tabs on customer reviews and compile them in an album for others to refer to. This serves as proof of customers being satisfied with the store’s service.

Stay active and be creative

Since this is social media, selling on these platforms will require merchants to post updates regularly to stay on their customers’ digital feed. This can be through static posts, videos, stories and other means to upload product-related content. If there are no new announcements, merchants can get creative. They can rework product photos, make short videos, or recreate viral trends that can be picked up by the platform’s algorithms. 

To add to this, merchants can also host live selling sessions on their chosen platform. They can offer live-exclusive deals, giveaways, and other bundles to keep customers tuned in all throughout.

Explore ads and boosted posts

If there’s an available budget, social media selling also offers ways to promote products through ads and boosted or sponsored posts. By targeting a specific audience, these posts can reach potential customers and draw both traffic and interest to a merchant’s E-commerce shop in the Philippines.

These are only a few tips that merchants can apply to boost their social media selling game. Exploring new platforms may seem overwhelming, especially with everything merchants have to oversee. This is why partnering with an E-commerce enabler like Payo makes all the difference. They guide and assist businesses through the digital marketplace, including social media platforms!

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