Tips to make online marketplace selling work for you

The online marketplace is full of opportunities for E-commerce businesses. Customers are buying things online now more than ever, and merchants are turning to marketplaces to reach them and cater to their needs. 

Selling in online marketplaces can be beneficial to merchants who want to have an online store without the extra burden of driving traffic to it. But while these platforms offer this benefit, this doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for your customers to find you. As a merchant, you still need to have a marketplace strategy to succeed in E-commerce. Here are some ways you can make online marketplace selling work for you!

Optimize your content 

To succeed in online marketplaces, you should start with optimizing your content. Your product content – things like your product categories, description, and product titles – would usually drive customers to make a purchasing decision. And the more optimized your content is, the higher it will appear in an online marketplace’s search results. As your listings appear higher in the search results, more people see them, which improves your click-through rates and sales.

To do this, identify the best categories, find the perfect keywords, and write accurate but compelling product descriptions. Make sure that you also use high-resolution images for your products. 

Always keep your store updated 

Unlike brick-and-mortar shops, your online store is open 24/7. This means that customers may visit and buy your products any time of the day. This requires you to be on top of managing your store, and keeping all the products and information updated all the time.

Track and resolve customer complaints in no time

Online marketplaces can be a very highly competitive, global environment. But what can set you apart is the way you manage customer returns and complaints. Remember that online marketplaces’ terms and conditions usually favor the customer, so make sure to solve any disputes quickly and effectively. 

Thankfully, there are E-commerce enablers that offer Live Customer Support to take care of your customers’ queries. Stay on top of your customers’ complaints and product concerns by having a partner to help you with them.

Establish an efficient fulfillment strategy

Another way you can improve your online marketplace strategy is by working with a reliable fulfillment partner. You can track and manage your inventory and make sure your products are ready for shipping and fulfillment. And once your customer has purchased from your store, dependable fulfillment service providers will go beyond just picking, packing, and handing packages to couriers for delivery; they will also help you give your customers a smooth delivery process. 

Leverage social media to amplify your marketplace store

More and more people are using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to discover brands. You can use these platforms to promote your products as well as direct customers to your marketplace store. Being active online can create familiarity with your business and your brand. And engagements such as likes, follows, replies, and mentions can do an effective job in closing the distance between your customers and your business.

These are just some of the strategies that can help you win in online marketplaces. But while some merchants believe that joining an online marketplace will boost their sales immediately, success doesn’t happen overnight. You need some time to gain sales traction. It’s a learning process, and the only way to really learn what works is to get experience. 

As an online seller, you have to be patient and give yourself time to discover what works for your business. If you are struggling at one point, there are E-commerce enablers like Payo that can help you!

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