The Secret Life Of Your Parcel Delivery Guy

The boom of e-commerce has brought people the convenience of buying goods online wherever and whenever they wish. Sellers are now switching to this new trend where there’s no need to have a physical store but still be able to earn money by selling online. Both the seller and the buyer will only need their gadgets to do business and make purchases. But did you ever ask yourself who are the people behind the success of every successful sale and deliveries? Today, we will talk about the men that brings your parcels right to your doorsteps.

We seem them mostly riding motorcycles with boxes, driving under the heat of the sun and in the unbearable traffic but being in a light vehicle makes it easier and faster for them to travel. They are constantly checking their mobile phones to check with the consignees to make sure the packages are delivered to the right addresses. Most of them work as early as 7AM and until 11PM to make sure that their delivery quotas are met.

There are a lot of struggles a delivery guy faces everyday, from irate customers to long hurdling working hours. Somehow, they have already learned customer service skills and some selling skills, too. There are courier companies that will give sanctions to delivery guys who will not meet their quotas so the lesser refused parcels, the better. Careful handling of parcels is also important and they have to know what exactly the boxes contain to make sure it won’t be damaged along the way. You wouldn’t want to deal with an irate consignee upon seeing a damaged item.

They have also learned how to effectively look for addresses. Here in the Philippines, it is particularly hard to locate an incomplete address especially if the consignee is just a renter or new to the location. Constant communication with them and/or inquiring from the locals of the an exact address is their solution to this issue. Some courier companies sometimes have red flag in certain locations because of the hazards of holdup incidents.

Overall, their work is tough and not to be taken lightly. Are they getting paid enough? Let’s find out on our next blog!