Surviving a high volume of orders during the E-commerce holiday rush

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the Philippines. It starts as soon as the ‘Ber’ months kick in, resulting in a third of the year being dedicated to spreading holiday cheer.

During these ‘Ber’ months, merchants have a high chance of experiencing the E-commerce holiday rush. That’s because this is the time when Filipinos start ticking things off their to-buy lists. Many business owners welcome this because it’s an opportunity to cater to more customers. However, it may be daunting to manage when orders start stacking up. So, what is the best way to go about it?

Here are a few tips to help merchants survive a high volume of orders over the E-commerce holiday rush. 

Check your website and digital assets

Aside from a surge in orders, merchants who run their own website and those on social media and digital marketplaces must be wary of online traffic. Checking their website and digital assets is important to avoid any glitches, inaccurate information, and other mishaps that may impact the customer’s experience.

Stock up on products and supplies

Sales tend to peak most during the ‘Ber’ months for many businesses. As such, merchants need to double check and replenish stocks of their products and packaging supplies in anticipation of incoming orders. The last thing merchants want is losing an order because of stocks running out during the E-commerce holiday rush. 

Keep orders organized

It’s important for merchants to have a system to better manage orders. Organizing products, monitoring orders and scheduling shipments – having all these in a tracker makes logistics easier. This gives merchants visibility over the tiniest of details. Should merchants make a habit out of this, it may also be useful and more effective for them even after the ‘Ber’ months have passed.

Go a little ‘extra’

Speed is important in dealing with a large volume of orders. However, merchants need to remember that being mindful and careful of product handling and packaging will also benefit their E-commerce service. Organization helps them find time to do this. Being ‘extra’ in ensuring the quality of products and security of packaging will certainly go a long way when satisfying customers.

Collaborate with multiple couriers

Collaborating with various couriers will help merchants improve their E-commerce service. Filipinos have developed a habit of wanting to receive their online orders as soon as they proceed to checkout. This is heightened during the E-commerce holiday rush. Working with multiple couriers allows merchants to not only ship out orders faster, but even lessen shipping fees.

Ask for help

Merchants sometimes forget that in business, asking for help is an option. By having extra hands onboard, merchants can delegate tasks better and complete more orders without compromising on quality. It’s also a nice way of working smarter while the E-commerce holiday rush is ongoing.

Partner with an E-commerce enabler

Being self-sufficient is key to navigating the E-commerce holiday rush. However, the true hack to surviving this cheerful yet chaotic season is partnering with an E-commerce enabler that can ultimately address various merchant needs.

Payo, the leading E-commerce enabler in the Philippines, offers not just one E-commerce service but a wide range of solutions that can help merchants conquer the ‘Ber’ months. The company provides digital services that help merchants keep orders organized, choose couriers, track shipments, reach more locations, and even communicate with customers.

Among Payo’s solutions are Live Customer Support, Warehousing, and Last Mile Management. They offer Marketplace Optimization for those who want to go into online marketplaces. They also have Cash-on-Delivery Integration for those looking to expand their payment options.

Need help surviving the E-commerce holiday rush? Sign up with Payo today or send us a message at Let’s make the holiday season less chaotic and more productive!