5 ways you can show your appreciation for courier riders

Have you noticed how often you’re on E-commerce sites and apps nowadays? It’s probably pretty often, especially considering how it’s safer and more convenient to just shop for everything online. This has resulted in a heavier dependence on courier services and fulfillment services in the Philippines.

With the amount of online orders that people now make, courier riders have been busier than ever before. It seems they’re always on the go, whether they’re picking up orders, traveling from one drop off to another, or making sure that merchants get their profit from each delivery.

They do so much for businesses, the economy, and their fellow Filipinos, and it’s important to find small ways to give back to courier riders. Here are five examples of how you can do that:

Be courteous to them

This should go without saying, but sometimes people forget to be courteous to their riders. Things as simple as replying to your rider when they have clarifications or helping them when they’re lost can greatly help the both of you have a pleasant delivery experience. 

Don’t forget to say thank you 

This may seem like another simple gesture, but it can make a big difference in your rider’s day. A simple thank you — especially if they need to travel far distances — is an effective way to show your rider that you appreciate their effort. 

If given the chance, leave a review

What’s nice about today’s delivery services is that most of them allow you to leave driver reviews and ratings. With just a few taps on your phone, you can send a message to your driver or highlight what you like about him or her — is it their friendliness? Ability to quickly navigate the route? The care they put into handling your package? 

Whether you do it through an app, an email survey, or an SMS link, leaving a good review or a high rating shows your rider that they’re doing a great job. 

Give a tip

If you’re feeling extra generous, why not give your driver a tip? It doesn’t have to be a big amount, because the mere act of you tipping your driver is sure to make his or her day. Tips, even in small amounts, can go a long way. 

Offer them a drink or a snack

If you can’t leave them a monetary tip, maybe you can offer your delivery rider a drink or a snack. It’s easy to feel extra drained when you’re constantly driving under the sun, and a cold drink can be just what your rider needs to power through the day. Other apps, specifically food delivery apps, also make it possible to order food for your delivery rider. This gives you more options on what food or drinks to offer.

Payo’s collaboration with top Philippine courier services

Payo knows just how hard courier riders work, especially because it is partnered with over 10 of the best local couriers. These couriers serve as a crucial support system when it comes to Payo’s goal of making E-commerce in the Philippines simple and easy. That’s why Payo hopes that members of the E-commerce industry, including merchants and customers, can give courier and delivery riders the respect, appreciation, and credit that they deserve. 

You can read more about how we work with the top local couriers here, or you can sign up to be one of our E-commerce merchants today!