Everything you need to know about Shopify Automation

Whether you are a startup or an established business, it’s always better to have an online presence to reach more customers. If you’re thinking about putting up your own online shop, E-commerce Automation allows you to digitize your processes and manage your transactions with ease. With Shopify Automation, things get even easier.

Exploring the digital marketplace may be intimidating for some. Luckily, Shopify Automation covers everything you need to set up your shop, and you can even get creative with how you design it. If you want to get started, here are some things you should know to help you out.

Business identity

First, your shop needs to have a name and logo. If you don’t have these yet, it’s best to finalize these details before anything else. These are essential for any store, be it online or offline. You can even feature your brand story on your About Page later on.

Products to sell and photos

From physical goods to digital services, Shopify Automation allows you to showcase them best with photos. Remember, your photos must be clear and have multiple angles so customers can check them as if they were in an actual store. This allows them to better assess your offerings. Also, don’t forget to have all your product descriptions and prices laid out!

Shop aesthetics

Shopify allows you to customize the overall theme and look of your online shop. From the fonts to the colors, you can be as creative as you want to make your store and products pop. Just imagine designing your physical shop, only time time, it’s digital and on different web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Like any other store, customers would want to know more about your offerings. To ease the burden of answering similar questions, best to have a set FAQs Page which customers can refer to in the future. You can include product details, contact information, process for refunds or returns, shipping time, payment options, and other information that they would likely ask on a regular basis.

Contact details

It’s important that customers have a way to reach you. Having a direct line to your business allows customers to ask questions or raise any concerns that they may have. This is also another way of getting feedback from them apart from having reviews on your product pages.

Payment settings

If you’re unfamiliar with digital payments, Shopify Automation can definitely be a big help to you. During the process of building your online store, Shopify already has different payment settings you can choose from.

If you’re also looking to offer Cash on Delivery as a payment option, E-commerce enabler Payo can certainly help you with that through their Shopify Integration service. This allows you to integrate a Payo plug-in for CoD in your Shopify account, giving you a competitive edge over other merchants.

Payo’s Shopify Integration also automatically integrates your data to the Payo Merchant Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to oversee incoming orders and outgoing packages, make bulk order uploads, print ShipBills, and track packages.

Shopify Automation certainly is a great way to make your store’s digital debut. Making it even better is Payo’s Shopify Integration!

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