QUIZ: Are you ready to sell on online marketplaces?

If you run an online business, selling on local marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada has probably crossed your mind. And because we’re one of the leading E-commerce enablers in the Philippines, we know exactly how beneficial it can be for merchants like you.

If you play your cards right, selling on online marketplaces will help you reach more potential customers, showcase your products on a trusted platform, and expand your business operations. 

But before making your decision, it’s good to first assess if you’re ready for that next step. We created a short quiz to help you find out! Make sure to keep track of your answers until the end of the quiz.

Where are you currently selling your products?

A. A physical store

B. My own website

C. On social media 

D. I haven’t started selling products just yet

Are you looking for a new platform to sell your products on?

A. Yes, maybe one more platform

B. Yes, several platforms actually!

C. No, not necessarily

D. Not at all, it’s not something I want right now

How many products do you usually ship in a week?

A. Hundreds of products

B. 50 – 100

C. 25 – 50

D. 15 products or less

How many people are working for your online business?

A. More than 30 employees 

B. 10 – 30 employees

C. Less than 10 employees

D. Just me

Have you looked into the merchant requirements for selling on marketplaces?

A. Yes, and I’ve started preparations for it as well

B. Yes, but the most I did was skim through them

C. No, but I will soon

D. No, and I’m not sure if I will in the near future

How about the pros and cons of selling on online marketplaces?

A. Yes, and I’ve weighed my options

B. Yes, but I’m still undecided

C. No, I haven’t thought about them

D. No, and I’m not so interested in them 

Do you think that being on online marketplaces will benefit your business?

A. Yes, especially since business has been good

B. Yes, but I haven’t fixed all the details for it yet

C. Yes, but I’m not so confident about it right now

D. I’m not sure

Are you looking to expand your business in the near future?

A. Yes! It’s the next best step

B. Yes, but I’m still working out the details

C. Yes, but I’m not sure where to start 

D. No, not in the near future


Mostly A’s and B’s: You’re nearly ready!

It seems like you’re both interested and even knowledgeable when it comes to what you’ll be needing to sell in online marketplaces. Your shipping volumes and willingness to expand your business is also a good indicator that you’re ready to take this next step. It’s probably time to start strategizing on how to penetrate local marketplaces. 

Mostly C’s: You need a bit more preparation 

You’re curious about online marketplaces and what they have to offer, but you’re just not sure where or how to start when it comes to the topic. Maybe you have other things to finalize first for your business, and that’s okay! You can always start selling on online marketplaces once you’re more sure of the direction you want to take with it.

Mostly D’s: Maybe in the future, but not right now

There’s a saying that goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This can be applied to your situation, because it seems like you’re either just about to start your business or you’re comfortable with your current selling platforms. You might not be considering going into online marketplaces yet, and that’s completely fine. Maybe in the future! 

Whether you’re ready to get into online marketplaces or you’re unsure of what to do for now, Payo can definitely help your business!

As the leading E-commerce enabler in the Philippines, Payo provides a variety of holistic solutions for online merchants. This includes Marketplace Optimization, where we help merchants set up their stores in marketplaces while taking care of logistics and even marketing content curation.

If you’d rather focus on selling on your platform or social media pages, we offer Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Last Mile Management for businesses of all sizes. 

Want to know about how else we can help your online business? You can sign up with us today or send us a message at We’ll get back to you soon!