The role of social media in E-commerce

Social media has come a long way. From just connecting people, it now plays a crucial role in the decision-making of both individuals and organizations. It holds incredible power because when used aptly, it can drive change, spur movement, and even revolutionize the way you do things.

In the E-commerce landscape, social media gives a competitive advantage to every business that embraces it. When embedded in E-commerce strategies and backed with E-commerce automation, social media can be influential enough to allow customers to discover brands and even affect their purchasing decisions.

According to Sprout Social, consumers continue to engage with a brand in various ways after following that brand on social media. 91% percent visit the brand’s website or app, 89% will buy from the brand, and 85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend. And with over 4.20 billion social media users around the world, it’s no wonder why social media is crucial to the success of an E-commerce merchants.

With this you might be thinking: what can social media do for your online business? 

Create awareness for your brand and drive traffic to your E-commerce site

In a consumer journey, attracting customers to your website is the first step. And how do you do it these days? Through social media. Various social media techniques and platform features will allow you to create traffic to your account and boost your site’s online presence. You just need to have the patience to explore and experiment on what social media content works for your customers.

Increase engagement with your target audience

Through various platforms, you can enhance your brand’s discovery with interactive and shareable social media campaigns, such as group discounts, contests, raffles, and games. The more you engage with your market, the more you can turn your page into a community!

Help collect market sentiments almost instantaneously

Because your social media pages are channels for communication, you can easily know the perception of your audience on your products or services through comments and direct messages. And yes, knowing what they are saying about your business in an instant is an extremely useful source of insights. Eventually, you can earn your customers’ confidence and loyalty because you already know how to serve them better.

Should you embrace social media for your online business in PH?

According to We Are Social, Filipinos are still the world’s biggest consumers of social media, spending an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes per day using social platforms. Having a strong social media presence is essential to attract this traffic, boost your sales, and retain customer loyalty. And it would be a mistake if you haven’t gone social to market your products and services.

Once you’re ready to include social media in your strategy, you can then explore how to automate E-commerce processes. E-commerce automation makes your work easier and your tasks more manageable because you have innovation working for you. Without it, it will be harder to reach your market, and some processes will be longer and more exasperating for both you and your customers.

To meet your customers’ expectations, you’re going to need help. Let Payo assist you with your E-commerce automation needs! We’ll help you optimize your operations, cut down on costs, and avoid manual errors.

With Payo, you can sell your products in the Philippines while providing a seamless E-commerce experience to countless customers. 

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