The rise of E-commerce enablers in the Philippines

Technology has grown to become a large part of everyone’s daily life. Whether it is for personal or work purposes, innovation is truly transforming the world in more ways than one. It also gave birth to E-commerce as a service. Customers now have the option to shop online aside from visiting a physical store.

In recent years, more consumers and businesses have been turning to online retail. As a result of this, companies called ‘E-commerce enablers’ have continued to optimize the online shopping process. Similar to online businesses, they are also growing in number across the globe. But what exactly are they and how do they work?

Defining E-commerce enablers

An E-commerce enabler refers to a company that offers end-to-end solutions to help brands manage their online business. It covers a wide variety of E-commerce services. These services include but are not limited to store management, marketing, design, customer service support, supply chain management, and fulfillment.

While the focus of E-commerce enablers are mainly digital, they are also knowledgeable on physical operations. They can provide solutions for the on-ground aspects of businesses. These include sales remittance and retention, product management, and courier coordination.

Simply put, E-commerce enablers assist businesses with their online store operations. They provide efficient and seamless management whether it is customer-related or internal functions. Their services can also be customized based on the brands’ requirements. Some even provide recommendations on how to further improve overall business management.

E-commerce in the Philippines

The Philippines is among the countries where E-commerce services continue to thrive. Thanks to the ease and convenience it offers, E-commerce has given birth to an entirely new age of Filipino consumers. These customers will continue to explore the digital space for their needs.

Similarly, Filipino business owners are also flocking to the digital space because of how big the market has grown. They are keen on exploring different platforms where they can sell their products. These merchants either have their own website, go to online marketplaces, post on social media, or engage in a mix of all three. As a result, E-commerce enablers offering all kinds of business support have increased to better serve online customers and merchants.

E-commerce enablers study the shopping behavior of Filipino consumers to understand how they can address the needs of the market. This allows them to provide recommendations and strategies on how to attract more customers while also improving their operations.

Partnering with an E-commerce enabler

E-commerce enablers are here to make life easier for brands, and partnering with one will see your business benefit. If you’re looking to partner with the best one, choose Payo!

Payo is a leading E-commerce enabler in the Philippines that works with local and international businesses. The company helps bring their products to a growing online Filipino consumer base.

Payo offers holistic and tailor-fit solutions to address the needs of online merchants. The company forms collaborative relationships with all their merchants to solve E-commerce challenges and improve their logistics processes. This ultimately helps them scale faster and reach more locations and customers.

Among the many E-commerce services that Payo provides are Sales Retention and Fulfillment. These services are designed to ensure product quality, successful delivery, and a seamless purchasing journey. Additionally, the company has a Courier Algorithm that provides courier options in order send out parcels faster and safer. 

Payo’s Marketplace Optimization helps merchants set up and manage their own Shopee and Lazada stores. Plus, no need to worry about Warehousing and Cash-on-Delivery Integration – Payo covers those too!

Managing an online business can be as intimidating and tiring as running a physical one. Partner with Payo to help lighten up your load so you can focus on more important things!

Want to learn more about E-commerce enablers? Sign up with Payo today or send us a message at Let’s collaborate on how we can improve your online business!