How to be a reliable E-commerce business in the Philippines

In recent years, there has been a noticeable boom in E-commerce services. This rise can be attributed to how easy it has become for Filipino merchants to set up their own online businesses. Potential sellers no longer need a lot of capital to get their store up and running. All they need is an internet connection and quality products, and they’re ready to start selling. 

This situation has also led to the overall market for E-commerce businesses in the Philippines becoming more competitive. With the seemingly limitless options available to customers, it can be difficult for online stores – especially newer ones – to stand out. However, the most successful businesses in this market are usually the ones that customers see as reliable.

To help budding merchants achieve this, we’ve made a step-by-step guide on the traits and best practices that they should know in order to succeed in the Philippine market. Let’s take a look!

Market your business well

Setting up your store is only half the battle as getting customers to visit it is a different story. A well thought out marketing effort can help push more people to consider shopping from your E-commerce business in the Philippines.

When promoting your store and its products, it’s more effective to highlight what sets your business apart from others. Focusing on a unique selling point makes it easier for possible customers to remember you.

Provide customers with a worry-free shopping experience

Whether you’re an E-commerce service using an already established marketplace or your own site, your customer’s shopping experience should always be easy and convenient. Any problems that visitors encounter while shopping could ultimately deter them from making purchases.

This user-friendly experience should also be applicable for mobile users. As most Filipinos shop using their phones, optimizing your store for mobile can help you attract more customers. 

Informative product pages

A main difference between E-commerce services and traditional shopping is that online stores don’t allow customers to physically inspect items before purchasing. It’s now up to merchants to make sure their product page is as accurate and informative as possible. 

Each product page should describe what it is and what the item is for. The descriptions need to be up-to-date and should paint a detailed picture of the product’s features. It’s also important to have good quality images and videos of the product for more visual shoppers.

Fast and safe delivery

Timely deliveries can go a long way in terms of maintaining customer satisfaction. E-commerce businesses in the Philippines can lose out on repeat customers due to delayed deliveries. Shoppers will even cancel their orders outright if they experience major issues like failed deliveries or a complex delivery process.

Merchants should always be wary of minimizing these issues so their store can leave a positive impression on consumers.

Be consistent 

When a business is aiming to be a reliable E-commerce service, occasionally providing good service isn’t going to cut it. Merchants have to make sure that the quality of their online store is consistently great.

This is because you’re essentially building a relationship with your customers over time. Having the discipline to be dependable will mean a lot to them. Keeping this up will not only help your store gain good customer reviews, but will contribute to your business’ long term success. 

These are just some of the things that you should keep in mind when starting your own E-commerce business in the Philippines. It may seem daunting for beginners, but there are companies out there that can help merchants easily implement these processes. 

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