6 perks that Filipinos enjoy when online shopping

Have you noticed how Filipinos like online shopping more now? Patronage for online shopping has steadily grown in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. From a wide variety of products to a seamless purchase journey, it’s amazing what a few clicks and taps can get customers on online marketplaces.

While there is still a large preference for physical stores, there is more to online shopping than meets the eye. Customers are actually able to enjoy a lot of perks thanks to the opportunities that online marketplaces offer. Wondering about what they are? Read on to find out!

Shopping convenience

A major perk that Filipinos enjoy about online shopping is how easy it is to access and purchase from online stores. This includes online marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada, or a brand’s own website or social media platform. No matter the time or place, they can add their top picks to their cart and proceed to a hassle-free checkout. All this can be done without having to visit a physical store.

Options, options, and more options

Oftentimes, a physical store will have limited stocks of a particular item, while some won’t necessarily sell a particular collection. When Filipinos go online shopping, they are given a mountain of options for a single product that they’re looking for. Size, color, weight, material, other related-products – Filipinos can see them all. Consumers now have more choices, thanks to online marketplaces and the wide number of merchants they house.

Never-ending promos and deals

Easily one of the reasons why Filipinos love online shopping is because of the deals they’re able to score. Online marketplaces have made it easier for merchants to offer various promos and deals including monthly sales and seasonal bundles. As a result, customers now scour platforms so they’ll be able to buy more with less.

Vouchers and store credit

Filipinos continue to patronize their preferred online marketplace because they can add vouchers on top of other promos and deals. These platforms also give away free money through online games. They can be as simple as watering plants, crushing candies, taking care of a pet; it’s like those 10 in 1 games, only this time, customers get in-app credits, coins, and e-vouchers.

Value for safety

Apart from convenience, one of the main perks of online shopping is keeping Filipinos safe. Online marketplaces have security measures to keep customers safe from fraudsters and other potential cyber attacks. Virtual shopping also eliminates the need to go out. This lets customers prioritize their health as they get their essentials delivered to their doorstep.


Likely the biggest reason for every Filipino to prefer online shopping is Cash-on-Delivery (CoD). As a cash-driven society, CoD is a popular payment option for Filipinos. This is especially true in online marketplaces because it gives shoppers various perk and helps shoppers that aren’t so tech-savvy. Customers can also verify if the item is really what they ordered when their package arrives.

These are only some of the many perks that Filipinos get from online shopping. But customers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of online shopping — brands can as well. By partnering with an E-commerce enabler like Payo, they can easily put up online shops, manage them with ease, and reach countless potential customers.

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