Three Payo technologies that elevate your E-commerce experience 

As one of the leading E-commerce enablers in the Philippines, Payo is always looking for ways to make our processes better with the help of tech. That’s why we also put so much importance on automation, and the need to simplify our merchants’ overall E-commerce experience.

Aside from having a dedicated team, we leverage tech to create solutions for our merchants and their customers. Our services such as Fulfillment, Warehousing, and Last Mile Management wouldn’t be as efficient without some of the integrations and programs that we use. Curious to know what some of these are? Read on to find out!

Payo’s Courier Algorithm

One of the things that can take a lot of a merchant’s time is coordinating with couriers. This is especially difficult if you need to do so with more than one courier. Keeping tabs on deliveries and making sure that each one arrives on time can be taxing, especially if the couriers have any concerns or queries. Plus, there’s the issue of not knowing if you’re using the best courier for your business. To help merchants like you avoid this problem, Payo developed its own Courier Algorithm.

Our software analyzes your business needs and finds the perfect courier for you. We base this on the courier’s fees, the areas they cover, and their overall performance as our partner. And with over ten courier partners working with us, you’re sure that you have a lot of options. 

Aside from finding the best courier for you, we’ll also take care of courier coordination. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and monitor orders whenever you want through our comprehensive dashboard. Find out more about this on the next point!

Payo’s Merchant Dashboard

Running a business means keeping track of a lot of things – package pick up schedules, delivery times, remittances, and of course, every order you ship out. It can get overwhelming if you use different platforms for this, especially when order volumes increase. 

To help merchants like you have a better E-commerce experience, we developed our very own dashboard!

The Payo Merchant Dashboard streamlines the process of viewing and analyzing data for merchants. Here you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of your order history, your shipped out packages, and your total revenue. If you’re looking for specific details on certain orders, you can use our smart tags and filters.

We’ve also included Bulk Orders uploading on our dashboard, as well as ShipBill printing. We wanted to make sure that it has everything you need in overseeing your business — from order upload to receiving your remittance. 

Credit History Database

One of the main things Payo wants to help merchants like you with is lowering your return-to-sender (RTS) rate. Doing this saves you time and possibly extra fees from a second round of shipping or replacing items. That’s why we use our Credit History Database to recognize customers who are not likely to accept their packages.

Our database ensures that the Payo team is flagged if a merchant is about to ship to a customer who has often canceled orders, or has a history of having unsuccessful deliveries. The best part about this? We don’t just analyze canceled orders per merchant – we analyze them across the hundreds of merchants that Payo works with. 

Once a customer is flagged as someone with a history of cancellations or failed deliveries, our team coordinates with them to confirm if they’ll be accepting their package. If we are unable to contact the customer, we will call the merchant and inform them of the customer’s history. We will then ask them if they want to proceed with the order or not. 

This improves the E-commerce experience of both merchants and customers, helping the former better know their customers’ shopping habits and letting the latter make sure that they are ready to proceed with their order. 

Overall, these technologies elevate not only Payo’s solutions, but also your E-commerce experience. So if you want tech-based services that prioritize the efficiency and growth of your business, then it’s time to choose Payo!

We offer all of these and more, handling Warehousing, Fulfillment, Marketplace Optimization, and even Advanced Remittance. With Payo as your reliable E-commerce partner, scaling your business will be fast and easy. Sign up with us today or send us a message at to learn more about how we can help your business!