Payo Feature: Learn about Payo’s hubs outside Metro Manila!

As an E-commerce enabler in the Philippines, Payo wants to make sure that merchants can easily reach their customers. And we don’t just mean customers in Metro Manila; we want our merchants to connect with customers across the country as well! That’s why we’ve put up multiple provincial hubs in different key cities –  hubs that are just as important as our main office in Makati. 

To know more about how each hub operates, we sat down with Hub Managers Liezl Amante, Odessa Reboquio, and Wesley Ramos. They lead Payo’s hubs in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Pampanga, respectively. 

Read on to learn about their day to day experiences, favorite Payo moments, and hopes for the company’s future!

1. Please tell us a little about your journey with Payo. What year did you start working at the company, and how were your first few months?

Liezl: I joined Payo last year. It was a hard decision on my part since I was at my previous company for 12 years. I considered it as a gamble at first because I wasn’t sure of what was ahead of me. 

My first month was challenging in terms of shipment volumes, and I honestly felt discouraged at first. However, the feeling didn’t last long because of my very supportive colleagues. Plus, once we started working with more merchants, I began enjoying my work more and slowly discovered the beauty of the E-commerce industry. 

Odessa: I started working at Payo in 2019, and I was actually the one who set up our office and our warehouse here in Cebu. This ranged from processing all our licenses and permits to looking for third-party logistics that could serve our merchants and customers. My first three months at Payo were quite challenging, but things got better once we became fully operational. 

Wesley: I was hired in 2018 as a Data Encoder. I trained for a couple of weeks to get familiar with Payo’s workflow and processes. During that time, I was traveling everyday from my hometown Pampanga to Makati and vice versa. This was because I didn’t have a place in Manila. Once I settled in and learned the flow of Payo’s work processes, an opportunity to work in Pampanga came. That’s how I became Payo’s Hub Manager in the north.

2. What made you interested in working for an E-commerce enabler?

Liezl: I really like online shopping, and before I even dreamt of becoming an online seller. That’s why I’m interested in how things work in E-commerce — from packing to delivery. Plus, I do believe that the E-commerce industry is very promising. 

Odessa: Because the E-commerce industry has evolved through the years, the demand for E-commerce enablers has also increased. When I was invited to apply for Payo’s opening in Cebu, I saw it as an opportunity and decided to be a part of this ever-expanding landscape.

3. What does a usual day of work look like for you?

Odessa: Very fulfilling, especially when we deliver quick solutions to address customer issues or concerns. That’s why we provide high-quality service – to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved.

Wesley: Back then, a usual day for me at Payo would be encoding data, creating reports, and whatnot. Now it’s really different. I do more tasks related to managing inventory, checking warehouse processes, and overseeing transactions. 

4. How do you coordinate with Payo’s main hub in Manila, as well as the other hubs across the country?

Liezl: The platforms that we usually use for coordination are Slack, Viber, and Gmail. 

Odessa: We pay special attention to staying connected. We ensure proper communication and make sure that all of the hubs are aligned. We do this by having weekly meetings and actively using different platforms like Slack, Viber, and Gmail. 

Wesley: Coordination with Payo’s main office and other hubs was never really a problem. We usually communicate through multiple messaging apps and email.

5. What’s something that you think is unique to your hub?

Liezl: I must say that our hub is small but terrible! We do our best to serve all our merchants, and we consider all of them as our precious gems. Plus, we handle all the products that are stored in our hub with as much care as possible.

Wesley: What I think is unique about all of Payo’s hubs is the accessibility they provide to our partners. Another thing is our capacity to grow and adapt to the needs of both merchants and customers.

6. What’s your favorite part about working at Payo?

Liezl: The working environment. I have the best team and the kindest colleagues. Everyone is easy to work with, and I can say that we are able to face any challenge with grace. I feel like I found my place in the company in just a short span of time.

Odessa: We treat each other like family, and the management always takes care of its people.  With regards to work, there is collaboration and teamwork among all departments, which helps improve our productivity and creates better results at the end.

Wesley: My favorite part about working with Payo is being given opportunities to learn and grow. From starting as an Encoder to now being a Hub Manager, I am proof that you can really grow with Payo.

7. How does your work contribute to making E-commerce simple, which is Payo’s goal?

Liezl: Merchant and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We make E-commerce simple and easy by giving quality service at all times, and making sure that we address the needs of both merchants and customers. 

Odessa: Some issues need quick-fix solutions, so I always make sure to attend to any concern as quickly as possible. I also make sure that things are managed properly, and that solutions to our merchants’ problems are always available.

Wesley: As a hub in Central Luzon, we help merchants simplify their processes by taking care of package pick-up, warehousing, and delivery. Ultimately, Payo eases their troubles when it comes to logistics.

8. What’s one thing you want to achieve with Payo this 2022?

Liezl: I hope Payo continues to grow and work with more merchants. I also hope that Payo becomes more established not just in the Philippines, but also worldwide. I believe in Payo, and that we can all grow together!

Odessa: For this year, I want to increase the Cebu hub’s sales and continue to contribute to the growth of Payo.

Wesley: If there’s one thing that I really want to achieve this 2022, it’s more growth for our Pampanga hub. Additionally, I hope we get more opportunities to display its full potential, whether that’s in Warehousing, Pickup and Delivery, or Merchant and Customer Support. 

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