Payo Feature: Meet June Cloma, Payo’s new Managing Director!

As one of the leading E-commerce enablers in the Philippines, Payo has always strived to make E-commerce simple for merchants and their customers. That’s why it has continuously evolved over the years, from starting as a CoD payment gateway to now being an established holistic solutions provider. 

This growth is only possible through the dedication and commitment of Payo’s team, which is why we’re launching our very own Payo Feature series! This is where we put the spotlight on our team members and ask them to share how their stay at Payo has been.

For the series’ first feature, we had the opportunity to talk to June Cloma, Payo’s new Managing Director. 

1. Please tell us about how your journey with Payo started. How was your first few months like?

I’ve been with Payo for a year and a half now, and the first few months were admittedly quite challenging. I had to adjust to a new job while the pandemic was at its peak. We had very tight lockdowns, and several businesses were closing down. 

As Payo’s Chief Operating Officer, I had to get things rolling fast in order to hit our targets. It took some time at the beginning, but with our goals in mind and a few adjustments in the process, things started to move according to plan. Eventually, we were able to complete our projects on time. Overall, the start of my Payo journey was both a challenging and rewarding experience.

2. What does a usual day at work look like for you?

I first make myself a cup of coffee to get my morning dose of caffeine. I then make it a point to answer messages and emails. After that, I’ll go over and check some reports. I also attend the meetings I have throughout the day, and I dedicate time to make sure that everything is going smoothly with my team’s operational activities. This is more or less what I do everyday. 

3. You recently got promoted to Payo’s Managing Director. How has that been for you?

It’s exciting and challenging at the same time. I’ve been handling operations for a long time now, and it’s been my comfort zone. This time around, I get to collaborate with other functional areas of the business and have more of an impact in shaping the company’s future and growth, so it’s a big responsibility. But I’m very grateful to have this opportunity. 

4. How do you overcome challenges as the company’s Managing Director?

It all boils down to not giving up no matter how challenging things get, and knowing that there’s always a solution. Another thing that keeps me going is knowing that the work I do contributes to the common good. E-commerce truly is the future, and presents huge advantages for Filipino consumers. The more we work toward Payo’s goals, the more inclusive E-commerce becomes, meaning more of our fellow kababayans will benefit from it.

5. How does working amid a pandemic affect you? 

It was tough at first, but after a while I eventually adjusted to working in this setup. I actually work on-site if possible because I feel more productive, and there’s nothing like being at the Payo office. Though I do understand that others prefer to work from home.

I think it’s important to strike a balance between working from home and working on-site once the situation permits it. By adapting to this new normal way of working, we can continue being productive. 

6. What is your favorite part about working at one of the Philippines’ leading E-commerce enablers?

Aside from knowing that what I do contributes to driving E-commerce in the country, my favorite part is working with the amazing people in the company. 

7. How does your work contribute to making E-commerce simple, which is Payo’s main goal?

My designation lets me work with shareholders and set the direction our company must take to achieve our objectives. It’s also important that I oversee how our initiatives will be executed.

There are a lot of opportunities to make the end-to-end process of E-commerce simpler, whether it’s in Warehousing, Last Mile Management, or Customer Support. That’s why we focus on finding key solutions to the problems that merchants and customers encounter.

8. What’s one goal that you want to achieve with Payo this 2022? 

I’m excited to expand Payo’s operations so that we can serve more merchants and customers this year. 

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