7 ways to optimize order fulfillment

In running a business, day-to-day operations and the customer journey are two crucial aspects that you need to manage and maintain. By having an efficient fulfillment service in the Philippines, you are able to innovate business and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Optimizing your order fulfillment doesn’t mean you have to make big changes. You can start small by looking into things you can streamline. One key trick is to digitize or use technology to improve your fulfillment and elevate the overall experience for both you and your customers.

Want to get started? Here are seven ways you can optimize your business’ order fulfillment.

Store your products in multiple warehouses

Storing your products in multiple warehouses optimizes your order fulfillment because it widens your audience reach. By making them available in multiple locations, you are able to cater to more customers while also speeding up the delivery time. It also ensures that your stocks won’t get stuck in one place should there be problems with one warehouse. 

Keep your inventory and orders organized

Sorting through products and orders, especially in large quantities, can be overwhelming. Organize your inventory whether it’s by name, size or function so it’s easy for you to find them once an order has been placed. Likewise, develop a system to better handle your shipments. You can categorize them according to location, size, weight, or even the type of courier that will be shipping them out.

Reinforce your packaging strategy

You can never be too careful when it comes to your products. Add enough fillers in your boxes or packs to keep products in one place during shipment. Place fragile stickers and guidelines that partner couriers can refer to for proper handling of your packages. Make sure you also seal each package well to avoid any water from seeping in should it rain. 

Diversify your partner couriers

Having different couriers can help you improve your delivery time as they have different shipping routes and areas. This will help optimize order fulfillment by giving your customers options with each courier having a specific delivery time. You can provide next-day delivery or make them 2-3 days earlier than standard delivery. You can even offer cash-on-delivery, which is a popular payment and shipping option among Filipinos.

Integrate live customer support

In E-commerce, you encounter customers who want to get their orders as soon as they proceed to checkout. To help manage their expectations and prevent them from being irate, you can optimize order fulfillment with the integration of live customer support. You can share the status of their order, provide updates on its whereabouts, and even notify them of possible delays or issues encountered during shipment.

Digitize your operations

One of the best ways to optimize not just your order fulfillment, but your business as a whole is to use technology and take advantage of the digital marketplace. For example, you can use an online marketplace like Shopee or Lazada to digitize the entire purchase journey. This allows you to do more with less effort. From setting up your online shop to choosing your payment options and shipping methods, everything’s made easier and simpler for you.

Choose a valued fulfillment partner

Having the right partner will definitely help you in optimizing your processes, whether it is fulfillment or any of the tips covered previously. Payo is that valued partner because it offers a reliable fulfillment service in the Philippines! Additionally, we help local and international merchants improve the overall management of their business through our tech-based solutions.

Apart from Fulfillment, we offer a wide range of services that can elevate your whole business. This includes Warehousing, Live Customer Support, Last Mile Management, even Marketplace Optimization and Shopify Integration. You get access to the full E-commerce suite when you partner with Payo!

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