Reaching moms the E-commerce way

The month of May is special because it’s when the world celebrates moms. While consumers are busy looking for the best gifts, merchants are also preparing for the holiday. This can be through creating promos and discounts, or if they’re new to E-commerce, exploring Marketplace Optimization for additional platforms.

To make sales during special occasions, it is best to have a solid strategy that attracts your target audience. Here are a couple of ideas you can apply to your shop to make Mother’s Day extra special the E-commerce way.

Embrace the mom theme

How you approach a particular celebration is what will help make your shop stand out from your competitors. As early as now, families and moms alike are exploring E-commerce to find the best deals and when they see your online shop, it should immediately draw them in. Frontload items that you feel are essential for moms along with other holiday offers. This way, customers will immediately see them.

Curate exclusive promos, bundles, and discounts

Filipinos are very family-oriented. Whenever there’s an occasion like Mother’s Day, they can definitely be extra in showing their love and appreciation. That said, check your current product offerings to see which ones would best appeal to your customers, especially moms. You can have a big Mother’s Day sale, bundle items together for bigger discounts, and offer incentives like vouchers and express delivery for their next purchase.

Try live selling to reach more customers

Live selling and shopping have become very popular among Filipinos because they can ask for details in real-time, and they can check out items as if they were in a physical store. For Mother’s Day 2022, live selling can help you better engage with customers and discover what gifts they want to get. You can also share other gift ideas and offer exclusive marked down prices to increase your chances of making sales.

Additionally, you can incentivize the session through small freebies. For example, you can ask viewers to share your livestream on social media to automatically get a free item, or you can opt for a giveaway at the end of the session for those who made a purchase.

Launch giveaways through user-generated content

To help with your shop’s marketing, you can launch giveaways through user-generated content on social media. You can ask your customers to share your post and hashtag of choice with their mom-related stories. In exchange, you can give away items that moms and their families can enjoy. You can even raffle off your shop’s best bundle to one or several winners at the end of the month!

Offer gift wrapping services and note cards

Shopping for moms through E-commerce offers a lot of convenience and allows flexibility to both consumers and merchants. Make a special holiday offer like gift wrapping services so your customers don’t have to worry about getting caught doing it at home. To make it more extra, you can also ask if they would like to include a personalized note card to accompany their gift.

Explore other channels through Marketplace Optimization

Aside from your own website and social media pages, you can still reach more audiences through online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. What better time to explore these platforms than this coming May when Mother’s Day sales are everywhere in E-commerce? Being present in these platforms allows you to tap into this high demand and easily cater to more customers.

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