Marketplace marketing strategies that can boost your sales

Online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee have become a go-to place not only for Filipino consumers, but local and international merchants as well. Seeing the growth in consumer demand in recent years, competition has definitely become more stiff. Merchants now look into different tactics like vouchers, ads, and Marketplace Optimization to effectively reach audiences and ensure continued visibility.

Marketing in online marketplaces may be tricky, but Lazada and Shopee have made it easy even for budding merchants. If you are not as familiar or are in need of a refresher, here are a few Lazada and Shopee marketing tactics that you can explore through their respective in-app seller centers.

Managing campaigns

This marketing tactic on Shopee allows you to nominate different products that you sell, which will then be part of their monthly, holiday, and seasonal campaigns. What you need to provide are photos, accurate descriptions, and prices that are attractive. Since this engagement is free, what will help boost your chances of being selected is making sure that you are willing to offer additional discounts. Similarly, this marketing effort is also applicable on Lazada.

Once chosen, your products will be featured on different in-app and website marketing collateral like banners and promotional emails.

Shop’s top picks

Apart from campaigns, there’s also the seller’s picks where you can choose which products to feature when marketing in different marketplaces. You can highlight a mix of your best-sellers, top-rated, and a few that you want additional promotions on. 

Since you’ll showcase your products with other merchants’, make sure to feature your best product photos! This will help you catch the consumers’ attention. This marketing option is available on Lazada as well as in Shopee.

Discount promos and personalized vouchers

What’s nice about marketing in marketplaces is that they allow merchants to customize their own vouchers free of cost. You can be creative when it comes to curating your vouchers and how you want to offer them. Available exclusively to your shop, you can provide discount vouchers or free shipping when customers reach a minimum purchase.

Apart from vouchers, you can also opt for discount promos, which consumers can use for a limited time. Since this will only be available for a short period of time, best to consider increasing the discounts to attract more buyers.

Flash deals and sales

Similar to campaigns and top picks, you can also nominate your products to be part of flash deals. These sales only happen for an hour or two, and are highly popular among Filipinos. To participate, what you need to have is a good chat performance and shop rating, a high fulfillment rate, a low late shipment rate, and no penalties.

Now this is where Lazada and Shopee differ. You can host flash deals sales on both Lazada and Shopee for free as long as you are able to fulfill the requirements needed. If you choose to do marketing through Shopee, you can also host flash deals right in your own shop through its seller center. But for a bigger impact and more chances of making a sale, best to pursue the sitewide flash deals.

In-app and website advertisements

Unlike the previously mentioned marketplace marketing tactics, this one would entail cost. Investing in advertising will surely help you improve your marketing strategies for Lazada and Shopee. Your brand and products can be featured in the platforms’ search tab when consumers type in specific keywords. Your products can also come up as part of related products, and are given priority compared to others.

Marketplace optimization

It may seem tedious and intimidating to do additional marketing in marketplaces. Good thing Payo offers Marketplace Optimization, a holistic solution that caters to sellers who want to focus their efforts on the country’s top marketplaces. This service includes setting up your presence in these platforms, marketing and management strategies, and even logistics. Ultimately, it can help increase your brand visibility and performance in online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee.

Apart from this, Payo also has other services that create a seamless shopping experience from cart to delivery. Whether you need Live Customer Support, Fulfillment, Last Mile Management, or Cash on Delivery Integration, they’ve got you!

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