Understanding the same-day delivery feature on Lazada

Same-day delivery is a growing trend within E-commerce. As speed and convenience become the name of the game, merchants are working so hard to provide same-day delivery, making it easier for customers to get what they’ve ordered on online marketplaces in less than 24 hours. 

In the Philippines, online marketplaces like Lazada offer same-day delivery. This mode of delivery combines the convenience of online shopping with the speed of brick-and-mortar stores. And instead of the standard three- to five-day wait, customers can now get their purchases within hours. 

If you are on Lazada, same-day delivery could work to your advantage. Not only does this give you a quicker way of delivery, but it can also satisfy even your toughest customers.

Enable same-day delivery for your store

Lazada launched their same-day delivery feature this year to address the rising demand for customers to receive their purchases almost instantly. This feature is currently available for merchants with warehouse services in Metro Manila. Customers from the metro, as well as in Laguna and Cavite, who are within 30km of the seller’s store can opt for this type of delivery service.

To enable same-day delivery for your store in Lazada, you have to register, fill in all necessary information, and submit your online form. After which, you’ll get an email confirmation from the online marketplace regarding the result of your application. Once confirmed, all your products will be available for same-day delivery. You can edit this option anytime.

You can still can track these orders

Wondering if it’s a hassle tracking same-day orders? Thankfully, it’s not. Similar to standard delivery, Lazada’s same-day delivery service also includes order tracking. You can track your same-day delivery order status at the Seller Center’s order management page in Lazada. You will also see how much time is left to pack and arrange the item for shipment before it gets automatically canceled once the counter runs out.

No need to book your own courier

Once you’ve arranged the shipment of your item, you don’t need to book your own courier for delivery. Your courier will be booked automatically and shall contact you once they are at the warehouse. You don’t have to pay the courier either. However, your driver may cancel if the item is still not with them after waiting 10 to 15 minutes. Also, the online marketplace itself may cancel the order for issues beyond your control such as out-of-stock items, lack of couriers, and items not prepared on time for shipping.

Take note of the same-day guidelines

Merchants and customers alike must take note that Lazada’s same-day delivery has specific guidelines. If your customers want to get their purchases on the same day, they must place their orders before 11 AM from Mondays to Fridays. Customers who order after the cut-off will get their items the following day.

Also, the items get to customers via motorcycles. This means orders for same-day delivery in Lazada must have a limit of up to 20kg, and a dimension of 43cm x 43cm x 76 cm. Additionally, if you decide to order a mix of items under same-day delivery and standard delivery, the whole order will be under standard delivery upon checkout. 

These are just some of the things you need to know about same-day delivery on Lazada. Thanks to this feature, customers no longer have to wait anxiously for the goods they’ve purchased.

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