How much does a delivery driver earn in the Philippines?

Since the pandemic began, Filipinos have hailed delivery riders as modern-day heroes and essential workers. That’s because they help people stay at home amid the pandemic, and they conveniently bring packages to different customers’ doorsteps.

With the importance of the work they’re doing, do delivery riders in the Philippines get enough compensation? 

The answer to this is still quite unclear. An article by TopGear talked about how a delivery rider they interviewed earns Php1,200 – Php1,500 a day for an average of 11 deliveries. However, Rappler shared how some riders only make Php600 – Php800 a day, and Inquirer revealed that some even take home as little as Php150 a day. This is barely enough to make ends meet, and even requires some riders to be out for long hours. 

Thankfully, more and more people are bringing up the need to provide fair wages and better benefits for delivery riders. Given the pandemic that Filipinos continue to face, their health should also be a top priority. Initiatives like Grab giving their riders incentives to get vaccinated, or Manila opening drive-thru vaccination sites for delivery riders, are some examples that help address the needs of these modern-day heroes. 

Hopefully, these conversations and initiatives bring the country a step closer to giving delivery riders what they deserve.

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