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As your business grows, keeping track of your inventory can be challenging. Plus, aside from making sure your products are secure and accounted for, you also have to go through the process of fulfilling each order. This entails packing and shipping your products.

It sounds simple enough, until you’re trying to fulfill several orders at a time. Luckily, Payo has a Fulfillment Service in the Philippines! We can help you with the basics of fulfillment, and so much more.

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Payo’s Fulfillment Service

Don’t stress about inventory management or shipping. Choose Payo as your fulfillment partner today!

Product Security

Part of Payo’s service is storing your products in our warehouses. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of setting up your own warehouse, the time you’ll spend maintaining one, and the resources and manpower it would take to run. Our warehouses are also guaranteed to be clean, spacious, and secure.

Aside from providing storage, we can also help you with importing your products in case you are currently residing outside of the country. Through our fulfillment service, you can sell in the Philippines no matter where you are!

Quality Control

We want to make sure that your products get to your customers in perfect condition. That’s why we take quality control seriously. The way we store your products, seal each package, and hand them over to the courier are all done with the utmost care.

Our Payo pouches have no weight limit, but we follow size guidelines to ensure that your products are well packed. This helps us prevent your packages from getting damaged as they travel from our warehouse to your customer.

Order Fulfillment

We know that you have a lot to think about as you run your business. That’s why we want you to let us handle order fulfillment. Payo will take care of picking up, packing, and shipping your packages for you.

Because we provide holistic fulfillment services here in the Philippines, we also have live customer support. This ensures that customer concerns don’t go unnoticed and that each customer is aware of their order’s status.

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Running a business takes a lot of passion and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Payo is here to make E-commerce simple and easy for you, and to be with you every step of the way as you grow your business.

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"Payo gave me a full solution for all the COD activity, but it was not only that. Payo’s solution was very comprehensive, and basically solved all the logistical and financial problems that we had."

Noam Sinansky Spire Jewelry CEO

"We are below eight percent right now in RTS rate and that’s an amazing rate already. You don’t get that nowadays. We’re very, very happy with Payo."

Paul Dela Fuente Online Entrepreneur