Frequently Asked Questions

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Payo is an E-commerce enabler that helps you sell your products online in the Philippines through various tech solutions. These solutions include Payo’s sales retention strategy, a data-driven courier algorithm, and Cash on Delivery integration.

Ultimately, Payo’s goal is to make E-commerce simple and easy. This way, you can focus on what you do best — growing your business and making sales.

It’s easy! You just have to sign up, meet with your designated Account Representative to set up your Payo account, and you’re good to go! After that, you’ll be able to monitor orders and deliveries in real-time.

Watch our introductory video here.

You can leave package pick up, storage, packing, and handoff to us. We’ll also coordinate with the couriers, provide live customer support, and even offer you advanced remittance to ensure that every step of the E-commerce process is hassle-free.

We can help you sell your products in the Philippines no matter where you are. We also make online selling simple for you by taking care of warehousing, fulfillment, courier coordination, customer support, and even remittance.

With Payo, you can reduce your RTS rate to 7% or below, increase your sales by 20%, and even easily scale your business!

No, Payo is not a courier. We instead oversee the entire fulfillment process to ensure that your packages are taken care of from storage to delivery. Part of our responsibilities is to find the best courier for each business and coordinate with couriers during deliveries to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

To date, we’re partnered with over 10 of the top courier providers in the Philippines, and we are continuously searching for more reliable partners when it comes to delivery.

When you work directly with couriers, you spend time looking for a good courier partner, taking care of courier coordination, and overseeing package tracking. Then, you have to wait for couriers to remit your earnings, which can even be delayed at times.

Sounds like a lot, right? But when you work with Payo, we take care of finding you the perfect courier for your business, coordinating with that courier, and providing live customer support to your customers. We also do our best to make sure that every delivery is a successful one, which lessens the chances of order cancellations and returned packages.

Here is a quick video of how our warehouse process works.

We only charge Php20 for each successful delivery!

Joining and setting up an account is FREE!

Payo is perfect for merchants who want to sell their products online and reach Filipino customers. Whether you’re an ecompreneur, a big brand, a small business, or a social media seller, Payo can help make E-commerce simple for you.

If you are interested in penetrating the Philippine E-commerce market but need a partner who can take care of all your logistical needs and help your business grow, then you’ve come to the right place!

Creating an account is easy! You just have to fill out this sign-up form. One of our Account Representatives will then get in touch with you to discuss how you can get started with Payo.

Just send us a photo of any valid government ID, fill out our enrollment form, and then sign our service agreement. With that, we can start setting up your account!

We have a Shopify plug-in that you can connect to our merchant dashboard to automate orders from your selling platforms. For integrations other than Shopify, we can provide an API for you or your developers to integrate into your website.

You can easily change your password on the log-in page of the dashboard or by visiting this link to send a request to your email.

Once you have a Payo account, you will have access to the Payo Dashboard. From there, you can use our CSV template to upload multiple orders at once!

Of course! No need to pay additional fees to use the Payo Dashboard or its bulk upload feature.

None at all! All you need is your Payo account.

There are no limits for bulk uploads! Just place all your orders in the file and let our system do the work.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, because Payo has a set pick-up schedule.

This isn’t required, but we recommend that you do just so that you’re always using an updated blank copy.

In the unfortunate event that either of these situations happens, the courier will report your parcel as lost or damaged, and we will file it for claims.

You can send us proof of the damaged item (e.g. photos, videos), and the details of the order. We’ll then run this by our courier partner for approval.

Our all-in rates have free insurance up to Php 500, but you may reach out to your Account Representative to avail of higher insurance coverage.

Payo doesn’t just offer Cash on Delivery (CoD) integration; we also offer advanced remittance so you can get your earnings from CoD transactions right away!

Aside from that, we offer a full suite of solutions for your online selling problems by providing services like live customer support, last-mile management, and multiple warehousing.

Yes, you can! Selling appliances and furniture is allowed as long as it is within our size limit and load capacity, which is 1.6 x 1.25 x 1.6 ft and 20kg, respectively.

Yes, Payo cannot ship the following items:

  • Meals/food that must be consumed right away
  • Pets/animals
  • Weapons (i.e., guns)
  • Illegal substances or products (i.e., drugs)

Nope! You don’t have to meet a minimum amount of orders to partner with Payo.

You can easily track your orders in real-time through the Payo Merchant Dashboard, specifically via the Orders section.

Yes, that’s possible!

Yes, as long as it is not yet handed over to our courier partner. Once a shipment is in transit with the courier, any cancellation requests will be tagged as RTS.

Yes, customers may opt to pick their package up from the courier branch nearest to them. However, this option is limited to packages that will be delivered via LBC.

This isn’t possible at the moment yet.

Yes, Payo can do that for you!

As your fulfillment partner, we highly encourage you to have us pick up your packages instead of them doing a drop-off.

We can do pick-ups for areas near our warehouses in the National Capital Region, Pampanga, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. For other areas, you may reach out to your Account Representative so they can personally check if Payo can arrange for pick-ups there.

Yes. By putting up multiple warehouses across the country and working with the most reliable delivery companies in the Philippines, we can get your products to almost any place in the Philippines.

Of course! you can see all your transactions on the Payo Merchant Dashboard, specifically via the Orders section.

This would depend on the type of delivery you prefer. You can avail of same-day and next-day deliveries for Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and areas near our Payo warehouses.

Normally, delivery takes one to two working days for NCR, three to five working days for Luzon, five to eight working days for Visayas, and five to nine working days for Mindanao.

To make things easier for you, we’ve made it possible to download each order Shipbill from the Payo dashboard. You can then print it and stick it to the Payo pouches we’ll be providing.

If you wish to use other packaging materials (e.g. boxes, bubble-wrap, packaging tape), that’s fine too as long as you’ll be providing them yourself.

Orders that are in our system by 10 AM, PST can be shipped the next day! However, it’s important to note that orders received on Saturdays are shipped the following Monday.

If the consignee or recipient is unable to receive their package for any reason, our courier partners will make three more delivery attempts for addresses within NCR, and two delivery attempts for provincial areas. We also have a team who will contact the customer and coordinate the next attempts, so rest assured we’ll do our best to successfully deliver your package!

If the customer can’t pay for their package, our customer service support will adjust the delivery date depending on the status of the parcel. if it’s still in our hub, we can adjust it to a much later date or when the customer will have the money (e.g. payday). However, if the parcel is already with the assigned courier, we can only adjust the delivery date for up to 10 days.

Payo supports CoD and a variety of paid orders (via e-wallet, manual payment, or credit card).

Yes, you can! You may choose CoD, paid orders, or both.

You already can get your payments one to two banking days after the SOA confirmation!

We have several billing cycles corresponding to remittances that our merchants can choose from. Our regular billing cycle is once a month which is on the 26th. We also offer advanced remittance which happens every 11th and 26th of the month.

Advanced remittance means that as long as the order has been successfully delivered, whether or not the courier company has remitted your earnings with us, we will remit your earnings for the delivered products within the covered billing cycle!

You can watch this quick video to get an idea of how our cycles work.

Payo’s cut-off for standard remittance is the 25th – 26th and the 10th – 11th of the month, and for advanced remittance, it’s the 25th -26th of the month.

For your convenience, we’ll collect the money from the couriers and deposit it into your bank account every billing cycle.

You can view all your earnings through the Payo dashboard.

RTS orders are packages that were not successfully delivered to your customer because of various reasons. 

A transaction will be tagged as RTS any time that an unsuccessful delivery happens.

  • RTS No Payment
  • RTS Critical Area
  • RTS Refused to Accept
  • RTS Consignee Out
  • RTS Postponed Delivery
  • RTS Fortuitous Event
  • RTS Unclaimed
  • RTS Consignee Unknown
  • RTS Out of Delivery Zone
  • RTS Incomplete Address
  • RTS Didn’t Order
  • RTS Refused by Merchant

Yes. If the delivery is unsuccessful and the shipment has to be returned, then an RTS fee of 50% of the delivery base rate will apply.

This will depend on the delivery destination, but we’ll be sure to update you every step of the way!

Same-day delivery means that a customer gets his or her package the same day that he or she ordered it.

We have two types that you can choose from: pre-booked and on-demand delivery!

For pre-booked deliveries, you book your package pick-up the day before their delivery date, and we’ll take care of pick-up and delivery the next day. For on-demand deliveries, we’ll pick up and deliver your package within two hours of your booking request.

Currently, Payo same-day delivery is applicable to Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and areas near our Payo hubs.

All of Payo’s merchants can avail of same-day delivery, as long as your packages are within the size limit for motorcycle pick-ups.

Pretty much the same as signing up! Just send us your signed service agreement and enrollment form along with a picture of one valid ID and you’re good to go!

Yes, the cut-off is at 10 AM, PST.

There will be one attempt for a rider to pick up your packages from you.

This still depends on the type of same-day delivery service you’ve chosen, and where your packages have to be delivered.

Yes, but only on Saturdays for now!

There will be an additional Php 20 charge for CoD orders.

Yes, all packages tagged as RTS are returned, and we’ll make sure it’s done in a safe and timely manner.

Yes, all of our merchant partners, including you, get the Payo plugin for free!

Just follow the instructions from our installation guide, which together with your credentials, will be sent to you by your Account Manager via email. It’s as simple as that!