Why fast delivery is king in the Philippines

Any online business should know that fast delivery is essential to achieving success. Similar to how they shop in physical stores, customers tend to favor online shops that offer fast delivery in the Philippines. Luckily, there are fulfillment services available in the Philippines that can help you achieve this.

But what exactly do you gain from delivering customer orders fast? Here’s a winning game plan that will help you do E-commerce right, starting with fast delivery in the Philippines.

Customers receive their orders immediately

Customers can take the longest time in choosing the products they want from your shop. But as soon as they proceed to checkout, your clock starts ticking, too. Many expect to receive their package the minute they finish their transaction. It’s best to offer your customers options like next-day or even same-day delivery, and to make sure you commit to this promise.

Improved ratings and loyalty with less cancellations

Making customers wait long for their orders increases the likelihood of cancellations. Meanwhile, when a customer receives their order on time or even earlier than expected, there is also a high chance that he or she will leave a great review and become a repeat customer. Their satisfaction can also be a source for other potential customers to favor your online shop over your competitors.

Less stocks in your inventory

When a business is not able to sell their goods fast, they would need to shell out more on storage space and fees to manage incoming stocks. Fast delivery in the Philippines means you can also clear your product inventory faster, cut down on storage space, and also earn savings from reduced storage costs.

Catering to last-minute or time-bound orders

Some customers have specific shipping requirements for their orders. Last-minute or time-bound purchases often happen, especially during special occasions and holidays. By being able to deliver orders in 1-3 days, customers will likely favor your shop over others because it can immediately cater to their needs.

Productivity boost and business growth

Speed is only one of the factors that can contribute to the success of your business. Fast delivery in the Philippines improves your overall productivity and can also lead to growth in different areas. You have an opportunity to stock up more, introduce different variants, and create bundles — all contributing to boosting your earnings.

These are only some of the amazing benefits of offering fast delivery to your Filipino customers. But as the demand for your products grows, you might not be able to keep track of everything at once.

Thankfully, Payo is here to help you achieve all of these with its Fulfillment Service in the Philippines. Product security, quality control, and order fulfillment — leave it to Payo to take care of all these aspects so you can send out your deliveries as soon as possible.

Want to know more about taking your business forward fast? You can sign up with Payo today or send us a message at We’ll be in touch with you soon!