Best practices for running an E-commerce business during a pandemic

Over the last two years, the pandemic has caused major changes to the global business landscape. Consumers have now shifted to the digital marketplace, making it essential for merchants to have an E-commerce enabler, especially in the Philippines.

According to Statista, E-retail sales have accounted for 18% of all retail sales across the globe in 2020. This is predicted to grow up to 21.8% in 2024. With this, merchants must adapt to changes in consumer behavior to maximize E-commerce opportunities, even during a pandemic. Additionally, merchants must put customer safety as one of their top priorities.

To help you better navigate your operations, here are some pandemic best practices that can keep you and your Filipino customers safe during this pandemic.

Stay updated on news and announcements

Merchants must always be aware and informed of what’s happening on the ground to make the necessary calls. From the number of new and COVID cases to pandemic restrictions alert levels, these are important details that can potentially impact your operations.

Since the Philippines is also prone to typhoons, keeping updated on the news will help you prepare contingencies should the areas you serve be affected.

Keep customers informed and communication channels open

Doing E-commerce during a pandemic can be tricky given the varying situations in the Philippines. Thus, it is essential to keep customers informed to manage their expectations. It is likewise important to have a channel where they can easily connect with you for inquiries and concerns.

Whether it is stock challenges, shipment delays, or other logistical concerns, merchants need to update customers and be accommodating to questions. Doing this can help you avoid low ratings, or worse, order cancellations.

Offer service recovery

Maintaining a good merchant-customer relationship is vital for any business to succeed. While E-commerce challenges caused by the pandemic are out of your control, you should always be ready to do or offer service recovery.

To avoid order cancellations or negative feedback, you can provide your customers with discounts on their next purchase. If you haven’t shipped out your customer’s package yet, you can include freebies that complement their order. These little things can definitely make a positive impact.

Follow health and safety protocols

One of the best things you can do for your customers is to keep them safe in your own way. Whether you’re alone or part of a team, it is always best to mask up when handling orders. If you’re a large group, try to do regular health checks to maintain everyone’s safety.

Should anyone fall sick, let them recover to avoid further compromises to your operations. Now, if this could pose delays on your end, inform your customers as soon as possible.

Sanitize orders properly

E-commerce operations, pandemic or not, must always include sanitation of orders aside from proper packaging. It is the responsibility of merchants to ensure that products are safe in every way possible to avoid any potential risks on your customers’ end.

You can never be too careful, especially with the current health situation evolving constantly. Treat this as another form of looking out for your customers.

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Find the right logistics partner

To better manage E-commerce operations during this pandemic, merchants must find the right logistics partner. It is essential that your partner is reliable, and has the same level of care and safety precautions that your company has.

As a merchant, you are not the only one responsible for keeping your products safe. Your partners must also be equally accountable to ensure the best online shopping experience for your customers.

Throughout this pandemic, Payo has remained steadfast in its commitment to being an effective and reliable E-commerce enabler in the Philippines. From ensuring safe handling and delivery of packages, and even providing other services like Warehousing and Live Customer Support, Payo can definitely help you implement these best practices.

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