5 Innovative E-commerce website examples

Online retail now plays a major role in the lives of consumers. This is why merchants need to know how they can innovate and elevate their E-commerce service in the Philippines.

Similar to how brick and mortar stores function, a customer’s experience starts when they visit a website and navigate through your pages. A single bug or error may already trigger them to look at another shop, so it’s important to always consider how you can provide a seamless purchase journey for them.

To help you better understand, here are five E-commerce website examples that you can explore and draw inspiration from.

Zulu Longines

Luxury watchmaker Longines designed their website to pay tribute to pioneers of the aviation industry. Zulu Longines was listed in the top E-commerce website examples because of how interactive and playful it is.

Taking inspiration from airplanes, users go on a journey as if they themselves were flying thanks to the flight-inspired scrolling feature of the site. They also get to learn more about the brand’s history as it features a timeline of their key milestones before being led to their E-commerce site.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is known worldwide for their houseware and other home essentials. They are one of the best E-commerce website examples because of how visual and clean they present their brand online.

Being in the business of homeware, they designed their website to feature large images. This helps consumers study their furniture just like how they would in stores. In addition, they allow visitors to sort and filter what they want to see, and keep track of those that they’ve viewed already.

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy specializes in Korean and Japanese-inspired stationery. It is among the E-commerce website examples that are good because of how it brings out its brand personality.

The brand banks on simple and cute designs to carry their products’ overall appeal. Whether it’s notebooks, stationeries, or other items like bags, stencils and pencil cases, they provide that signature bookstore feel but with their own branded twist. Photos highlight different aspects of their products and their designs, while also being mirrored throughout the website itself.


When looking at E-commerce website examples, Bite ranks high not just because of its design, but its message. Bite is a company that sells dental products like toothpaste with the core mission of promoting sustainability. 

The brand’s website is very direct on what it’s selling through clear and strong visuals. By banking on sustainability, they also attract the attention of consumers with the same advocacy. Their website design and products all align with their cause, reinforcing the brand’s ultimate purpose. 


Locally, Zalora is one of those E-commerce website examples that remain popular with Filipinos. While it carries wide clothing options, the brand also takes pride in their website’s functionality. 

Aside from offering apparel, Zalora highlights the convenience of doing fashion online. It integrated features like image search, virtual fitting rooms, and an intuitive seller center for a holistic shopping experience. Together, these help elevate the brand’s variety with class and sophistication.

These five E-commerce website examples all have their own strengths that make them shine. In designing your own, you need to go back to your brand’s identity and your target market. But remember, having a good website is just one of the things you have to consider in E-commerce. If you really want to step up your game, Partnering with Payo can help you deliver the best E-commerce service in the Philippines.

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