E-commerce trends to watch out for in 2022

The holidays are in full swing, which also means that a new year is right around the corner. While you attend to your customers during this busy time, you also need to know the E-commerce trends for 2022 to get an upper hand against your competitors. 

Here are six trends you should watch out for in the coming year, spanning from augmented reality to improved fulfillment services in the Philippines. 

E-commerce goes bigger

E-commerce has been around for a while but it wasn’t until recently that it experienced a sudden boom. The pandemic brought online shopping to new heights and will likely continue growing to the benefit of your business. 

According to Kantar Media, E-commerce expansion is among the consumer trends that will impact the market. In essence, this simply means that more people will shift to online shopping, even more so with the added convenience of cash on delivery in the Philippines. 

Voice search for online shopping

Familiar with Siri and Alexa? Well, more of them are expected to come this 2022. Entrepreneur identified that voice search will be used by more consumers next year instead of typing and doing a manual search. It’s like you are using a virtual assistant, but this time to help you with your online shopping.

Voice shoppers are expected to grow by 55%, while voice shopping will reach $40 billion in 2022. While this may take time to implement, you can research more on how you can integrate this setting into your shop, and be one of the first to offer an all-new shopping experience to your customers.

Augmented shopping experience

Similar to voice search, another trend is the rise of augmented reality (AR) to make online shopping more life-like. Improvado pointed out that the pandemic forced retailers to bring their in-store experience online since it is where the consumers are. With AR, retailers can offer a live view of their products, giving customers an experience similar to being inside their stores.

Bigger brands like Nike and IKEA have already launched their own AR apps to showcase this new shopping experience. More businesses will likely implement this soon, so consider adding it as one of your shop innovations.

Improved distribution and fulfillment planning

Consumers are becoming more familiar with online shopping for their daily needs. They now look into how they can save while also considering how fast and convenient they can get their orders. This is why it is important for you to invest in a reliable fulfillment service partner in the Philippines.

Netsuite shared enhanced distribution and fulfillment planning will be a key trend in 2022. As slow delivery estimates could make or break a sale for you, now’s your chance to optimize your operations. Go for a fulfillment partner that has a multilayer distribution model, has presence across the country, and offers top-notch service to help your business be more competitive.

Smarter use of chatbots

Whether you’re new to E-commerce or not, you probably receive similar inquiries at least three to five times a day. This is where chatbots come in — they easily provide information to your customers, and you’ll only come in for more complex questions.

According to AllBusiness, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has massively grown in the business world, especially for chatbots in websites and social media pages. Entrepreneur also shared that you can use them to gather customer feedback and provide product recommendations. This helps create a personalized and enhanced customer experience.

Omnichannel selling and customer support

Because your customers are everywhere in the digital space, it is no longer enough to have one channel alone. You need to have a presence wherever they are to help increase your sales potential and customer interaction.

Kantar, Netsuite, Entrepreneur, and Improvado all foresee this trend for 2022. Unlike brick and mortar stores, you can be visible to your potential and existing customers online. Whether it’s your own website, social media, email, or even in their ads, this raises your chances of getting them to visit your shop and make a purchase.

With multi-channel customer support, you can even assist them better with their needs and concerns, elevating your business’ overall shopping experience. For example, you can conveniently answer inquiries about cash on delivery in the Philippines as a payment method on different platforms. Who knows, this could be the right push that your customer needs to make a purchase.

These are only some of the many E-commerce trends that you can expect in 2022. Many of them rely heavily on technology, but your priority should still be giving your customers the best shopping experience.

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