5 advantages of door-to-door delivery in the Philippines

As E-commerce continues to expand, merchants are still exploring the opportunities that the logistics industry has to offer. And one key area that merchants need to understand is the growing demand for door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. 

Door-to-door delivery happens when couriers deliver packages to the customer without them having to undergo storage in a warehouse. This is a significant type of delivery that most merchants tend to overlook. But why is door-to-door delivery a sensible choice for your business? Here are some reasons.

It is cost-effective

Door-to-door delivery does not require merchants to spend a lot. Because the process starts with dispatching products and ends with the package reaching your customer, there is no need to arrange or pay for extra shipping costs. This eliminates other processes that can make shipping more expensive. 

It makes fast delivery possible

Door-to-door delivery is a popular alternative for those merchants who are really conscious about delivery time. Other delivery types would often require items to be stored in a logistics hub, taking five days to two weeks before the product reaches the customer. But since the door-to-door process is pretty straightforward, unnecessary storage space is eliminated and products can reach a customer’s doorstep in a shorter period of time.

It is highly versatile

One thing to love about door-to-door delivery in the Philippines is that it is versatile. Regardless of your item’s size, volume, or weight, door-to-door delivery service providers can transport and ship products at a fixed base rate.

It is available worldwide

Door-to-door delivery is not limited to the country where the merchant operates. International couriers also offer this kind of service to ensure that they deliver parcels and packages from one location to another swiftly and securely. An international delivery service will pick up the parcel from the merchant and send it to the customer globally. So if you are planning to expand your reach but have no extra resources for fulfillment, this could be the best option for you.

It is less complicated

Shipping and logistics processes can be complex for some merchants, especially those who are just new to E-commerce. There are so many processes to shipping an item that one can overlook or miss. 

With door-to-door delivery, the shipping process becomes simpler. You don’t have to figure out everything by yourself – you just need to prepare your packages for pick up. 

Ultimately, there are many advantages of door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. But no matter which type of delivery you opt to have, Payo can guide you on how you can ship your products smarter and more efficiently in the Philippines!

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