Customer service horror stories and how to avoid them

Keeping your customers happy should be your utmost priority if you want to be successful in the local E-commerce space. But as an E-commerce service in the Philippines, Payo knows encountering horror situations involving irate customers is inevitable. This shouldn’t scare you, though! You can’t fully avoid these problems, but knowing how to handle them properly can help you succeed as an online merchant.

We’re here to give you advice on how you can turn these situations around. Let’s take a look at some E-commerce customer service horror stories, as well as what you can do to solve them!

The werewolf

They seem like regular customers at first but be warned, a delayed delivery can make them furious in an instant – similar to a werewolf during a full moon. But, who can really blame them? They’re not necessarily angry at you, they’re just feeling frustrated over the delay.

Keep calm, apologize, and don’t escalate the situation! If you match their frustration, you’re going to make things worse. Make sure to provide them with a solution as soon as you can. You can also inform them that you’re taking immediate action on the matter. Once they know that you’re on top of the situation, they usually go back to a calmer version of themselves.

Frankenstein’s customer

Just when you thought that a customer isn’t pushing through with their purchase, they’ve come back to life and are now constantly messaging you, demanding to have their order shipped right away.

Once they’ve finalized their order, walk them through your ordering process. Customers can be understanding once they see things from your point of view. It’s also good to show them that you’re willing to attend to them for any questions or queries. This is a step in the right direction for having a good relationship with them.

The ghost buyer

At the other end of the spectrum, we have situations with customers who are poised to receive their packages and then poof, it seems like they’ve vanished from the face of this earth. Fortunately, it’s possible to summon these people back into existence – no Ouija board required.

If all attempts at contacting them again have failed, it’s best to double check their delivery details. It’s possible that they haven’t updated their latest address or the rider might have gotten the wrong number. These may seem like simple mistakes, but they still happen.

The logistical jigsaw

You should always go above and beyond for your customers. But, when their delivery directions start to look like an evil villain’s master plan, you need to exercise some patience.

These kinds of customers usually have specific delivery needs that take more time and effort to accomplish. They can range from having to find hidden areas (at least according to navigation apps), multiple requirements to enter places (leaving IDs in villages within villages), or even particular ways of leaving behind their packages.

Make sure to list every detail down and relay it to the courier. It may seem tedious to take note of everything, but customers will appreciate your effort, and even seek your store out again in the future.

These are just some of the horror stories that you may encounter in Philippine E-commerce. Dealing with these problems can be scary for merchants, but don’t forget that great customer service can save the day.

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