How to build and maintain customer loyalty

When you own a business, customer loyalty is one of the key things that you must consider to keep and grow your community. With the increased popularity of E-commerce in the Philippines, you can definitely be more creative in nurturing your customers while also welcoming new ones.

What’s important to remember is that customer loyalty is all about reinforcing efforts so they stay interested in your brand and what you’re selling. From maintaining quality service to providing something new to look forward to, customer loyalty requires your full commitment as a merchant.

Here are several ways that you can create loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

Make a great first impression

The first step to creating a loyal customer is to get them interested in your products through your visuals, pricing, and descriptions. Next, whether they are first-time buyers or repeat customers, be sure to have their orders secured, well-packaged, and delivered at the earliest time possible. Knowing you can deliver fast can leave a great first impression, and hopefully one that lasts.

Add freebies to their packages

One of the beauties of E-commerce in the Philippines is that merchants can be very generous. Be extra kind to your customers and include freebies when you pack their orders. This can be small tokens like stickers or products that are of bigger value for larger purchases. Customers will surely feel special when they see that they’re getting more than their money’s worth. 

Provide flexible payment options

Payment options also affect customer loyalty because it shows your flexibility as a merchant. Cash-on-Delivery (COD) has become very popular in the Philippines, so be sure to offer this as an option. After a successful transaction, you may even get referred to other customers.

Create seasonal bundles

Seasonal bundles are always a fun way to go about reinforcing your customers’ loyalty. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s or something like Mother’s and Father’s Day, seasonal offerings make it easier for customers to shop because products are more affordable in sets. You can even go the extra mile with seasonal packaging as a treat for both new and repeat customers.

Offer follower discounts

Aside from monthly and seasonal promos, giving discounts that are offered out of the blue is also a good way to achieve customer loyalty. Follower discounts are exclusive offers for those who continue to follow your shop. Whether it’s on social media or online marketplaces, this helps show your appreciation and gratitude for their support. These discounts can range from 5% to 15%, or even more. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to give!

Start a customer loyalty program

Similar to how your favorite café does it, a customer loyalty program can be as simple as collecting stickers. With E-commerce, it can be done by simply tracking their purchases. For example, on their third purchase, you can offer free shipping. On the fifth, there can be bigger discounts or a free prized item from your shop. Keeping them motivated and rewarded can surely help with creating repeat customers.

Have constant visibility

Being active in the digital space is one way to reinforce customer loyalty. Posting frequently keeps you visible to your followers. It can be through new offerings, discounts, reviews, or other product-related content. If you’re on Facebook, you can ask them to change their follower setting to receive notifications for your new posts. You can also run digital ads, sponsored posts, or participate in online marketplace campaigns to make sure that you have constant visibility.

Be reachable and open

Customers appreciate it when they can reach you. Consider having a chat function for inquiries and concerns, and a comments section where they can leave reviews and feedback. Opening these communication lines helps build a connection between you and your customers. It’s also one way of reassuring them that you value their input to further improve your shop overall.

These are just some of the ways that you can engage with your customers and strengthen your relationship with them. It may seem like a lot for one person or a small group to handle, so why not partner with an E-commerce enabler like Payo and bring out the best in your brand?

With Payo, achieving customer loyalty will be easier. The company’s Live Customer Support service allows you to keep your customers well-informed and updated of their package status. You can also notify them early for any delays, granting you more time for service recovery when needed. 

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