8 best practices for excellent E-commerce customer service

A Hubspot study revealed that 93% of customers are more inclined to repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent E-commerce customer service. This only tells us one thing, customer service is essential, no matter how big or small your E-commerce business is. 

While there’s no cookie-cutter approach to customer service, there are ways you can delight your customers and build lifelong relationships that will help your company thrive. Ready to take your E-commerce service in the Philippines to the next level? Start by implementing these customer service best practices.

Being proactive is key

Stand out from the competition by having a proactive approach to customer service. For example, ensure that your customer is informed of their package’s whereabouts. And if there is a delay, make sure that you reach out to them as soon as possible. Your customer will appreciate your effort and remember your store the next time they go online shopping. 

Consistency is the name of the game

Customers who choose to shop online expect fast reactions and prompt answers. It’s not enough to have a multi-channel approach; you have to make sure that you balance speed and convenience even in customer service. To do so, you have to serve your customers with a consistent level of quality in a short period of time across different channels. 

Show that you really care for your customers

Offering your customers genuine empathy is what can set your business apart. When you add empathy to your strategy, even a simple interaction between you and your customer can be meaningful and memorable. Remember that being approachable helps create great customer experiences that can drive loyalty, positive feedback, and eventually, repeat sales.

Add a personal touch

Giving every customer a personalized shopping experience can be challenging. Thankfully, there are small ways in which you can do this! Personalization can be in the form of after-sale follow-ups or small thoughtful gestures like adding free stickers in your packaging. You can also send personalized cards and notes to your customer. By doing any of these, you can deliver excellent customer service in your own simple way.

Always ask for feedback and act on them

In the Philippines, E-commerce services taking customer reviews and feedback seriously is a must. If you notice that a customer has had a negative experience with your store, don’t let them feel like they are shouting into a void. Reach out to them, offer a solution, and let them know you value their feedback. Your harshest critics today can be your biggest supporters tomorrow, so don’t forget to engage with feedback or reviews.

Meet your customers on the channels they prefer

Online shoppers expect that they can connect with their favorite brands via different channels. The best way to go about this? Meet them on the channels they prefer. Whether it be over social media, email, real-time messaging, offline support channels, or phone calls, communicating with them at their convenience is important. This is also why having a multi-channel presence can prove to be an advantage for your business.

Measure, optimize, repeat

One way to know if your E-commerce customer service is working is to set KPIs and track metrics. You can also analyze your performance through generated reports. There are various tools to help you with this. You can start with tracking the number of tickets, chat response rate, and period of resolution of requests. This way, you’ll know exactly where you are in your customer service approach and improve your quality of work.

Automate your processes with customer service tools

E-commerce enablers know that automation is the key to efficient processes. Luckily, even customer service in E-commerce can now be automated. There are various software or even help desks you can utilize to help your team connect with customers and organize their information. And with automation, you can resolve issues in as few steps as possible compared to manual processing.

These are just some of the best practices on how you can improve your customer service. Following these best practices can help set your E-commerce business apart from other online stores, so make sure you keep them in mind.

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