Key factors to find the best couriers in the Philippines

E-commerce continues to rapidly grow across the globe as consumers move to the digital space for their needs. As a result, businesses are also making the shift to cater to this growing demand, especially in the local market. From having an online store to working with fulfillment service providers in the Philippines, merchants are truly innovating with the times.

While setting up a virtual store may seem easy, a lot of decisions must be made while running it, and this includes choosing a courier service. You may have the best product or service in the market, but it may be compromised due to courier challenges. Here are several factors for you to consider when finding the best couriers in the Philippines for your business.

Nationwide presence

If you’re looking to reach the farthest ends of the market, then the best courier in the Philippines must be able to cater to locations spread across the country. Because anyone from anywhere can now access online shops at any given time, you need a courier that can deliver your goods in rural and even remote areas.

Proper and safe handling of goods

Go for couriers who know how to properly handle different products and goods, especially fragile items. Whether your products are only for pick-up or for them to pack, it pays to have partner couriers that are careful so your customers can receive their orders in one piece.

You can even go as far as looking at couriers that offer contactless delivery, ensuring safety not only for your product but for both the rider and the customer. With this, it is also important to have riders that proactively communicate with the recipients to inform them that they’ve dropped off the package.

Swift and reliable delivery

As soon as a customer checks out, they would want to get their orders in the shortest time possible, sometimes even within 24 hours. The best courier in the Philippines for your business should be one that does not only work fast but provides real-time or accurate updates on the location of the package. This will help you and your customer efficiently track its status and also estimate its time of arrival.

Multiple delivery attempts

You may have encountered an instance wherein the receiver is not always at home to accept the package. As such, a trait that the best courier in the Philippines must have is having multiple delivery attempts. This will not only be greatly appreciated but will also increase the chances of having repeat customers.

Consistently good track record

Working with the best means they should have proper, consistent testimonies and feedback from previous and current partners. Just as customer feedback is important to shops and products, knowing that other businesses recommend a particular courier should also give you confidence in choosing to work with them.

Active and reliable customer support

The best courier in the Philippines does not only have top-notch service but must also have an open line for customers, especially when there are logistical concerns. Having an easily accessible communication channel is a plus because it shows that help is available when needed. Don’t forget to check as well how responsive they are to ensure that they won’t take days or weeks before they are able to connect with you.


It may not directly concern you, but it is good to know if a courier company also values its riders. Whether it’s giving them fair wages, free masks, and test kits, or more perks, taking care of riders shows how couriers do not only think of their customers but even the very people who continue to traverse roads to fulfill deliveries.

Payo knows how these factors are essential for merchants and businesses to make a successful sale. This is why it remains committed to working with the best and most reliable local couriers to ensure a safe, seamless, and swift delivery process. 

When they partner with Payo, merchants don’t have to second guess whether the courier they are working with is the best one for them because of Payo’s Courier Algorithm. This algorithm uses factors like fees, locations, and past performance to pair each merchant with a courier that will best fulfill their needs. Payo also offers Warehousing for product storage and pick and pack services, ensuring that they cover every step of fulfillment.

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