Tips to find an affordable delivery partner in the Philippines

Fulfillment services are vital to the growth of E-commerce. No matter how fancy your platform is or how enticing your social media ads are, cultivating loyalty among your customers is impossible if you don’t have the right delivery partner.

However, finding a fulfillment partner can be costly. Good thing there are a lot of affordable delivery partners that provide reliable fulfillment services in the Philippines. But as there are a lot, how do you find the right one for you? Here are our tips:

Find one that can also do warehousing

Aside from shipping your products, finding a fulfillment service in the Philippines that does warehousing is a big advantage. There are delivery partners that have warehousing solutions so you won’t have to worry about storage either. And for international merchants, some can even help you with importing your products here in the country. Isn’t that great? You’re hitting two birds with one stone!

Aside from that, choose a partner that has multiple warehouses in prime locations nationwide. The closer you are to your customers, the more that both of you can save up on the cost of shipping an item. 

Find one that has a great track record in quality control

Having affordable delivery in the Philippines goes beyond shipping your items quickly at a reasonable cost. It also means that your items have been stored, sealed, and handed over with utmost care. Damaged products are not only costly in terms of replacement and reshipping but can also taint your reputation. You can save up on these when you have a fulfillment service and a delivery partner that takes quality control seriously. 

Find one that has a holistic approach to logistics

Running an E-commerce business can take so much of your time that even handling customer concerns are overlooked. Unknown to many, this is also a crucial part of order fulfillment: aside from handling picking up, packing, and shipping your products for you, your delivery partner should also be able to address customer concerns. 

There are delivery partners that offer live customer support to ensure that customers are aware of their orders’ status. So when you find a fulfillment partner that offers affordable delivery in the Philippines with dependable customer support, you should seriously consider partnering with them.

These are just some tips on finding a reliable fulfillment service in the Philippines that will give you more growth opportunities and help you cut down on delivery costs. 

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