What is Payo?

Payo is an E-commerce enabler that provides holistic and tailor-fit solutions to address the needs of online merchants. We solve the challenges they encounter, improve their logistics process through tech-driven services, and help them scale faster.

Ultimately, Payo’s goal is to make E-commerce simple and easy. This way, merchants can focus on what they do best — growing their business and making sales.

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Our History

How Payo Happened

Back in 2012, Liron Gross decided to put up her own E-commerce website. She was selling different products to Asian countries, and took interest in the Philippine E-commerce market because of the fresh opportunities it presented. However, her business ran into a number of challenges.

She saw that the Philippines had a high cancellation rate, and that remittance took too long to the point where it affected her company’s cash flow.

To address these challenges, she decided to implement a different workflow. Slowly, her cancellation rates dropped. Seeing its positive impact on her business, Liron decided to develop this solution and offer it to other businesses as well. From this idea, Payo was born.

Once Liron established Payo, the first solution that the company provided was workflow management, specifically when it comes to customer communication. This includes coordinating orders with customers and giving them timely updates on their packages. After that, Liron focused on helping online merchants get their money faster. This is how Payo started providing advanced remittance.

In order to optimize Payo’s processes, Liron then decided to integrate tech solutions and automation into the business. This helped her create Payo’s courier algorithm, which determines the best couriers for each business depending on price, location, and each courier’s performance.

Payo officially launched in the Philippines in February 2018, growing both their portfolio of services and their manpower as the years passed. Today, Payo continues to innovate and create solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company remains committed to making E-commerce simple and easy for merchants from all over the world.

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Payo's Founder

Liron Gross is the founder and CEO of Payo. She completed her undergraduate degree in Business and Philosophy at the Baruch College in New York City, and then went on to complete her graduate degree in Business Law at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

Before venturing into the E-commerce industry, Liron was an analyst in Venture Capital Funds, where she saw firsthand the importance of integrating technology into business operations. She then worked to help Israeli brands find opportunities by helping them penetrate the international market.

Wanting to get into the E-commerce industry herself, she opened an online selling website to make products from Israel accessible to Filipinos. Several years later, after seeing how she could improve the E-commerce industry by providing solutions to online merchants, Liron came to the Philippines and established Payo.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Payo’s Vision is to uplift the E-commerce industry and to continue improving online selling processes one order at a time.

Our Mission

Payo’s Mission is to help online merchants scale their business through innovative solutions that will make E-commerce simple and easy, while also providing them with world-class service.

Your Success is Our Success

Running a business takes a lot of passion and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Payo is here to make E-commerce simple and easy for you, and to be with you every step of the way as you grow your business.

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"Payo gave me a full solution for all the COD activity, but it was not only that. Payo’s solution was very comprehensive, and basically solved all the logistical and financial problems that we had."

Noam Sinansky Spire Jewelry CEO

"We are below eight percent right now in RTS rate and that’s an amazing rate already. You don’t get that nowadays. We’re very, very happy with Payo."

Paul Dela Fuente Online Entrepreneur