6 tips for merchants who are new to E-commerce

E-commerce is a steadily growing industry globally. With its simple business model, online selling is a great way to earn money in these trying times. But while starting an online business can be a little frightening and daunting for inexperienced entrepreneurs, there are E-commerce enablers in the Philippines that can help them out.

As online shopping booms amid the pandemic, E-commerce enablers help make sure that the industry remains thriving. So if you’re thinking of starting a business, being familiar with what local E-commerce enablers have to offer is important. 

Here are some other foolproof E-commerce tips you should take note of, spanning from marketing your products to acquiring warehousing services in the Philippines:

Make sure your platform is user-friendly

The E-commerce industry is highly competitive. One of the ways to stand out is to have an engaging platform to market your products. If your platform looks lousy, your online presence may not be as noticeable.

For newbies, this is an opportunity to get help from E-commerce enablers who can optimize your platform. With their assistance, you can set up your online store and make sure that it’s user-friendly and ready for online selling in the Philippines. 

Offer flexible payment options by integrating CoD

Cash on Delivery remains king in the Philippines and to be at the top of your game, you must be able to integrate this payment option into your online store. By offering CoD, you offer customers both the flexibility and the convenience of easily purchasing in your store.

Ultimately, you get to expand your Philippine market and attract more Filipino shoppers with CoD.

Automate, automate, and automate!

One of the most common E-commerce tips you will hear from successful merchants is to embrace E-commerce automation. Even E-commerce enablers in the Philippines put emphasis on this as an integral part of E-commerce. That’s why they provide innovative automation solutions for businesses, such as dashboards for tracking your packages or automated SMS order updates for your customers. 

Ultimately, being open to E-commerce automation will help you save time, avoid manual errors, and optimize your business. So if you have the chance to automate your processes, you should do so!

Provide excellent customer support

Having a customer-centric approach will make your business a standout. Customers appreciate it when you help them with everything, from making online purchase decisions to resolving issues. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you give them a seamless customer experience across all channels and platforms. You can do this by marrying speed and efficiency in your responses. 

Find a reliable fulfillment partner

Fulfilling one order at a time when you’re starting is easy enough. But once you’re dealing with a bulk of orders, it can be burdensome. Rather than doing it all by yourself, why not have a fulfillment partner to do it all for you? This can help make fulfilling orders as convenient as possible. And by having a reliable fulfillment partner who can handle the logistics side of your business, you won’t have to worry about shipping orders yourself.

Check out your warehousing options

As you start your online business, you might eventually consider putting your products in a warehouse for storage and inventory. Thankfully, there are numerous warehousing services in the Philippines that can help you run your business efficiently. When choosing a warehousing partner, try to partner with one that has a multiple warehousing solution. This can help you save on costs and expand your customer reach in the long run.

With all these tips, we bet you’re now ready to enter the awesome world of E-commerce. You never know, you might be on your way to becoming one of the most successful E-commerce companies. But should you need help with building your business, there’s one E-commerce enabler in the Philippines you can partner with — Payo! 

Payo provides holistic and tailor-fit solutions to address the needs of online merchants. Armed with its tech-driven solutions, Payo can help merchants scale faster and ship smarter. 

So if you are looking for a partner with the best warehousing services in the Philippines who can also do Marketplace Optimization, provide Live Customer Support, and take care of Last Mile Management, Payo is perfect for you!

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